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4 Mistakes Guys Make With Women

Men have all sorts of strategies for picking up women; however, many times these tactics prove fruitless. Since women are so different from one another, it can be hard for a man to know the best way to attract positive attention. With that being said, studies have unveiled certain things men should avoid if they want to please the opposite sex.

Wearing Too Much Cologne

While many women say they appreciate the smell of a man’s cologne; research suggests they may actually prefer the smell of his sweat. A study out of California at Berkeley found that women experienced faster heart rates and increased sexual arousal when they smelled the chemicals found in a man’s sweat. While this may sound counter-intuitive; remember that sweat is not the same thing as B.O., which is actually the smell of concentrated bacteria within the armpits.

Drinking in Excess

Although some men believe that alcohol makes them more charming and laid back; research suggests that it can actually make them less attractive. According to a survey conducted by Cancer Research UK, only 13 percent of women respondents found inebriated men attractive. On the other hand, nearly half said they regarded male intoxication as a major turnoff. The next time you go out on a date, you may want to limit your alcohol intake; or you could find yourself drinking alone.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

A study out of Hendrix College, in Arkansas found that sleep deprivation caused men to overestimate their chances of attracting female attention. In fact, researchers noted significant changes in the way sleep-deprived men perceived women. According to sleep expert Dr. Mark Dunayer, poor sleep can negatively impact men in psychological and physical ways.

“Sleep deprivation has been shown to decrease a man’s testosterone levels,” he said “It’s also been linked to sexual dysfunction and low libido. If a man wants to find and keep a healthy relationship, he needs to take sleep seriously. For some, this may mean abstaining from alcohol, caffeine and other things that promote sleeplessness. For others, it may mean seeking help for snoring and sleep disorders, which promote frequent waking.”

Shaving too Frequently or Not Enough

A recent study found that women prefer men who have facial hair as long as it’s not too long. Appearing in the May issue of Evolution and Human Behavior, the research asked several hundred women to rank photos of men based on attractiveness. Ultimately, women showed a major preference for men who hadn’t shaved for about 10 days. On the other hand, they regarded clean-shaven and bearded men as less attractive.

Playing it Smart

Ultimately, women tend to have varying opinions on what makes a man attractive. While some like very specific physical qualities; others focus on behavior, personality and similar interests. That said, it’s clear that certain things do have the power to turn women off. Before you head out the door on another date, you may want to refine some of your annoying imperfections, before they cost you the girl of your dreams.

Ryan Lawrence writes for Off-Topic Media. Thanks to Dr. Mark Dunayer for his contributions to this feature. Dr. Dunayer can be reached at his dental office in Rockland County, NY. 

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