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4 Ways To Know You’re No Longer In Love

Whether you’ve been broken up with someone for weeks or months, or you just woke up one day and felt different, the realization that you no longer have feelings for someone you once loved is both a relief and a burden. It can also be very confusing. Here is how to know that you are over it, once and for all.

You are comfortable being unhappy. When you’ve been in a relationship that for whatever reason doesn’t give you what you need, at first you try to fight it. You cry and fight and try to determine where the relationship is going wrong so that you can fix it. After a while though, you stop trying. You might still cry and fight, but you find yourself becoming comfortable being unhappy. The bad days definitely begin to outnumber the good ones.

You realize that you deserve more. When you’re in love with someone, you don’t notice or dwell on their flaws. Sure, it might irritate you that they never can seem to put their dishes in the dishwasher, but as far as the serious, deal-breakers in a relationship, you can’t find any…even if your friends and family can. When you fall out of love, suddenly you begin asking yourself why you allowed your partner to treat you certain ways, or begin to notice how much they held you back from the life of your dreams.

You don’t want to be affectionate. Hugging, kissing, hand holding-all things that couples in love do without really thinking about it. When you are no longer in love with someone, being physical with them in any way, big or small, might turn your stomach.

You aren’t reminded of them at every turn. When you’re still in love with someone even well after you’ve broken up, the smallest things will remind you of them and memories you’ve shared. Simply going to the grocery store can be a gut wrenching experience when you’re in the stage of the break-up process. One day though, you’ll be able to live your life without constant reminders of a love lost. A certain song won’t automatically send you into a downward spiral, and you’ll be able to have dinner at the your date spot with a friend without spending the entire meal reminiscing about your ex. Things that were once so important and sentimental are no longer that significant.

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