5 Once In A Lifetime Musts For Gentlemen Of Taste

The finer things in life are the most desirable things in life and for a man of wealth and taste there’s nothing better than having one of the classic must haves for men.

Even in a world filled with iPads and technological wonderment, there are some steadfast things that have stayed at the fore of desirability for gents through the ages. So, let’s take a look at the 5 once in a life time buys for men.

Convertible Car

The convertible car may be a one summer only fling; however it’s a necessity once in a lifetime. A nice classic drop-top auto allows you fun in the sun for one summer and often costs a lot less than you’d imagine because you can sell it on for just as much the next year.

Why not add to the romantic appeal with a road trip across an infamous road in place of a summer holiday. Whether it is America’s West Coast, or the Alps – there are plenty of wonderful scenic and winding routes to take your auto for that memorable summer.


Mont Blanc, Cartier or otherwise – a quality pen is a once in a lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether you want a fountain or a ball roller pen – a well-made tool for scribing is the mark of a gentleman and something that will stay with you through life. You also have to remember that a beautiful pen will be with you forever onwards and you’ll use it to sign your John Hancock to every important document from that day forward – something that makes it all the more cherished.


A high end watch, whether an Omega, Cartier, Rolex or any of the other wonderful brands out there, is a once in a lifetime thing. For a gentleman, an investment in a quality time piece is something to aspire to. There are few things in life that are as admired as a beautiful watch. The mastery of the watch making craft is something to be revered and if you want to treat yourself a watch, either vintage or new, is the perfect gift to oneself.

Made to Measure Shirt

Made to measure shirts are one of those things that just screams quality and you know the difference from the moment you fit it. Made to measure shirts fit every area correctly and unlike their off the peg equivalents, there’s not a movement that will cause the bearing of skin. Ensure that you’re measured by your tailor before your shirt is made and then sit back and enjoy life as you choose from a number of sumptuous fabrics, cuts and collars.

Handmade Shoes

Shoes make the man and handmade shoes stand tall over the factory made equivalent. From the choice of leather, to the stitching, to the sole – the handmade shoe is a thing of beauty and something that every man should have at least once in his life for a special occasion.

These are the five things we think each and every man should treat himself to and enjoy once in a life time.

Jacob Smith is a lover of great clothing and the finer things in life. He also loves exercise and swimming especially.

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