5 Signs That Prove You Are Married

For all you happily married people out there, do you, every now and then, get struck by the realization that after marriage, so many things about yourself seem to have changed? So much, that probably if you were to bump into yourself, you might fail to recognize yourself. Most of these changes tend to be regarding physical appearance, lifestyle and behavior and if things go well, most of the times they happen to be pleasant changes. These changes might sound amusing, but they are there. Let’s have a look at a few.

Sudden Change in Dressing Sense/Style

Have you noticed, especially men, that your dressing sense seems to have changed drastically, and the fact that now you look more socially acceptable and less of a disaster? This tends to happen a lot. In fact, it starts happening as soon as you start dating. Suddenly you want to look your personal best, every single day. Out go all your shabby t-shirts and torn jeans, replaced by stylish, sober and more appropriate clothing. Being married also means that you are now a responsible man/woman and yes, you are expected to look like one!

Keeping a Tab on Your Finances

After marriage, all of a sudden you want to go easy as far as your spending is concerned. You realize that you can no longer shop or pick up whatever you like without thinking about going broke. Post-marriage this becomes a thing of the past, since you think at least twice before you set your eyes on something that you wish to buy. You also notice that you start keeping all receipts and bills in an effort to keep a tab on every penny that you shell out. In case you forget, that shinny wedding band on your hand might just remind you to do so!

Change in Eating Habits

You will notice that after marriage there is a sudden decline in your intake of burgers, hot dogs, French fries and all similar junk food that you so happily consumed during your carefree single days. The reason behind this is not only the fantastic and healthy home-cooked meals provided by your wife, but also the fact that now you seem to be all the more concerned about your diet, health and physical well-being in general.

Last Minute Cancellation of Plans

Another inevitable sign of married life is – last minute changes or last minute cancellations. The white coat that you so badly wanted to wear to a party suddenly had to be replaced by a black blazer – because your wife said so. You’ve been dying to go to the Swiss Alps and do some skiing on your next vacation, but suddenly you’re on the next flight to Spain – because your husband would prefer soaking it up at the beach rather than skiing in the Alps. Changes, cancellations and compromises, all seem to come included in the package.

No More Abundance of Time

Before marriage, you seemed to have time for every possible activity right from sleeping for 10 hours a day to playing X-Box for hours, reading novels, watching movies, hanging around with friends, playing pool and what not. Post-marriage you can only think of doing all these activities over a weekend and that too if you are fortunate enough and your spouse hasn’t already made other plans for the weekend!

These are some signs that almost every individual goes through during the transformation from bachelorhood to the sweet chaos of married life.

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