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5 Things a Guy Shouldn’t Wear On a First Date

Women usually spend a lot of time getting ready for a first date. They might try on a few different outfits or even buy something new for the occasion. Men, on the other hand, don’t always put as much effort into their physical appearance on a first date, and for the most part women don’t tend to mind. However, there are five things that men should never wear on a first date, at least if he wants to get a second one!

Work Out Gear

Yes, women love guys who work out, and spending time in the gym is admirable. That doesn’t mean that showing up to a first date in the sweaty clothes you wore to the gym is a good idea. You don’t have to prove to your date that fitness is important to you!

Too Much Cologne

There is nothing better than a man who smells good, but it’s possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to cologne. Your date shouldn’t notice your cologne before she notices you.

Your Favorite Team’s Logo

Unless your first date is a to watch a game, leave the sports memorabilia at home. There is nothing wrong with a t-shirt or hat that supports your favorite team, but a woman might assume that you didn’t put much effort into your appearance, even if it’s not true. Same goes for band t-shirts, too!

A Shirt Your Ex-Girlfriend Bought You

There is nothing wrong with holding onto clothes that your ex may have bought for you, but a first date isn’t the best place to wear it. Imagine how awkward it would be if your date compliments you on your shirt and asks where you got it. It’s just a shirt, but any woman is going to wonder why a guy would choose to be reminded of his ex while he is on a first date with her.

Anything You’re Uncomfortable In

Whether you’re wearing something new that you’ve never worn before or are trying to fit into the mold of what you think your date will like, if you’re uncomfortable it will show. Select the outfit that makes you not only look the best, but feel the best as well. Ultimately though, it’s not always about clothes. Confidence and a smile are the most important things anyone should wear on a first date, no matter if you’re a male or a female.

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