5 Ways To Impress On A First Date

First impressions are everything. A first date is your best shot to get in a girl’s good books. A lot of dating and advice gurus will give you a set of rules, time frames and spending limits that promise to have the object of your affection eating out of your hand.

But, seeing as the person you’re pursuing is a human being with their own free will and complex personality, and not a Labrador retriever, it’s unlikely that one set of tricks will work for everyone.

The little things you do before, during and after a date will make a huge difference, no matter how much or how little you spend. It’s the small touches and attention to detail that people remember, not how much you spent on a steak dinner.

Here some straightforward ways to impress on a first date by getting the details right.

1. Build the Anticipation

For most girls, getting ready for a date is almost as much fun as the date itself. Don’t just send a blokey text confirming that you’re ‘on’ for tonight. There are a number ways you can do this:

Save: Send a text mid-morning to confirm, and one mid-afternoon to tell her you can’t wait to see her. Never use emoticons, ever.

Splurge: Don’t text, but send flowers instead. Peonies are pricey but very fashionable at the moment and send a less intense message than roses.

2. Plan for Chivalry

You may not have a suit of shining armour or a white steed upon which to carry her off into the sunset, but you can sweep her off her feet by planning for every eventuality.

Save: Bring a coat, in case it gets cold; bring an umbrella, in case it rains; carry enough cash to cover the tips at restaurants and cafés. It’s completely fine to split the bill (we are still in a recession after all), but covering the tips gives you a chance to show generosity without breaking the bank. It will also save any awkward rummaging around for coins and let the evening continue smoothly.

Splurge: The above, plus pick up the cheque for dinner. It’s a modern world, but you are the one that asked her out, so she’ll appreciate the offer even if she declines and insists on splitting the bill.

3. Make an Effort

Shower, shave, comb your hair and choose clothes that are clean, ironed, and less than 12 months old, and wear your newest socks and underpants. While your favourite jeans and t-shirt combo might be so well-worn that they now feel like silk pajamas, they have absolutely no place on a first date. Make sure that you leave home in plenty of time to get there.

Save: Leave with enough time to steal a squirt of expensive cologne from a department store tester. One is enough.

Splurge: You could go all out on a new outfit, but it’s more important that it’s clean and ironed.

4. Listen

You’ve asked her out because you want to get to know her. So do just that!  If you can ask questions and appear like you actually care about the answers, you’re halfway there. Avoid public transport where you can, as you can’t have intimate conversations on a bus or train full of onlookers.

Save: Get off public transport a few stops early and walk to prolong the date, but check if her shoes are comfortable enough first.

Splurge: Avoid public transport altogether by taking a taxi.

5. Throw Away the Rule Book

Forget about three day or even three date rules. Send a message a few hours after the date and call her the next day to set up the next one, if that’s what you really want to do. If you like each other you should make your own rules.

Abbey’s dating expertise comes from her work for Courtisane, an elite international modelling service.

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