A Failed Proposal (with A Happy Ending)

We’re sure that you’ve all heard this one before. Man plans extravagant proposal, woman is surprised and shocked and cries, woman accepts, they kiss, and everyone cheers. This story, however, went a bit differently.

The Proposal That Fizzled

As David and Jessica entered the Minor League baseball stadium in New Britain, CT, they could not have possibly known that this day would turn into a public disaster. David planned a romantic, public display of his love and commitment and asked The Rock Cats, the minor league team, for their help. The couple was to be ‘randomly’ chosen for a trivia game. The game seemed as ordinary as ever until the last question had Jessica stumped. David got down on one knee, opened a small velvet box, and asked Jessica to marry him in front of the stadium’s cheering crowd. Most were shouting words of encouragement and overall the atmosphere was excited and expectant. After about a minute of shock, Jessica spoke the following words into the microphone: “I’m sorry, I can’t. No.” She ran off the field, followed by a horrified David.

Now we realize that this story seems a bit too cringe-worthy to be true so we are still considering the possibility that it may have been some kind of prank or practical joke. Ron Dicker, of the Huffington Post, wondered the same thing. “The Big Lead wrote that the clip might be a hoax. While that’s a possibility, the woman’s off-microphone reaction seems pretty real.”

How To Make Sure Your Proposal Gets An Emphatic YES!

There isn’t yet a statement from the couple (ex-couple?) but we’re wondering if she would’ve said yes had she liked the ring.

Every woman has different tastes when it comes to clothing, shoes, music, books, and film (to name just a few) so choosing a ring should not be a one-size-fits-all approach either. If you think you have a good grasp on her taste, perfect, but if you don’t, choose someone who knows her best to help you pick out something she would really love. If that’s impossible, bring in a photograph to show the salesperson. Usually they will be able to gather a lot of information about her personal style. Furthermore, be sure to take into consideration the type of lifestyle she has. Does she primarily work with her hands? Choose a ring with a low setting so that it doesn’t get caught or in the way. If you have room in your budget, platinum bands are ideal for standing up to daily wear and tear and will look brand new years after purchase.

The most important thing to remember is that this is the ring she will be wearing for rest of your lives together. She will steal glances at it throughout the day and buy the rest of her jewelry with it in mind. It is a symbol of your love, dedication, and commitment. With this ring you are asking her to belong to you and you to her. Therefore, the best advice we can offer is to be creative, thoughtful, and, above all, to go with your instinct.

Michaella Twersky is a freelance writer based in New York City. She is a frequent content provider to Diamond Envy (www.diamondenvy.com).

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