A Men’s Guide on How To Wear Boots

To put it bluntly, men often struggle whilst making footwear choices. For many a young man, it is good enough to simply use a pair of white trainers with any outfit regardless of the ensemble and regardless of the occasion. This is simply not true – doing so will give the impression of an individual who cares not what they look like and, as such, gives an impression of an apathetic person which can translate poorly when on dates, at job interviews or in business meetings.

Another crime many men perpetrate, however, is simply choosing one pair of smart shoes and using them for all formal events regardless of colour or tone. Perhaps the area where men struggle the most, however, is wearing boots. Here are some handy tips on how to where boots, the styles you should opt for and the occasions to sport them.

Boots With Jeans

The most obvious starting point for wearing boots is to couple them with jeans. Whereas this look is not ideal for the more smart events you will attend, it is ideal for casual and even semi-smart occasions. To pull of this look you will ideally need a boot which reaches mid-ankle and a pair of jeans which are neither too lose nor too tight. Skinny fit jeans with boots can give the appearance that the wearer has clown’s feet and if the jeans are too baggy the boots will be un-noticeable. Wear jeans the same size and shape as the suit trousers you would plump for. For casual events, simply teaming your jeans and boots with a T-shirt is fine but to add a veneer of smartness consider adding a semi-formal shirt (a checked one would work best in this instance) or even a blazer to your ensemble.

Boots With Khakis

This is perhaps the most difficult look to pull off on the list and, in some ways, the least rewarding. The look should only be used for formal events. The best way to team boots with khakis is to begin with the boots you wish to wear, rather than the khaki trousers. For starters, in order not to clash your footwear with the rest of your outfit make sure that the boots you are about to wear are relatively muted and a more neutral colour. Sporting khakis with an oxblood shade of boot, for example, would be a horrific colour clash which would represent a rather vivid faux pas. Keep it simple with mono-tone, undetailed boots if you are planning on wearing khakis or similarly flasy trousers.

Suited and Booted

Combining boots with suits are a powerful option for men to consider. In such an instance, like the khaki trouser example above, choosing a boot is more about picking a style that will complement the rest of your ensemble rather than making it the centrepiece of your outfit. Make sure the suit trousers are tailored made, or at least tailor adjusted, so as to perfectly hang from the contours of your leg so that the trouser-leg is not too long with an excess of material gathering on, and obscuring, your boot. The key with wearing boots with suits is not so much getting the perfect boot but making sure that the suit itself is of high quality and a perfect fit.

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