Advancements in Shaving

While participating in Movember for health awareness in men, you take a break from the grooming act of shaving. Since many men shave on a daily basis, it’s interesting to take this time to look at the advances made in shaving over the years.pic4

Early Shaving

Researchers have found cave paintings that depict men shaving their faces and bodies. The oldest paintings are about 15,000 years old, and it shows people using primitive blades or sharp objects to shave.

Most researchers believe that they used knives and similar implements, but no one is completely sure based on current evidence.


The Egyptians were also into shaving, and they advanced this skill by using better blades. Anthropologists and other researchers have discovered copper razors, which were similar to short knives but much easier to hold, in tombs and nearby areas. These early razors are about 3,000 years old, but they are quite modern when compared to today’s razor.

Safety Razor

Straight edge razors were used for a long time to shave beards and moustaches, but the safety razor was the first tool that made shaving easy for hurried men at home. The Kampfe brothers patented the first safety razor in 1880. It immediately became a major seller.

Disposable Razors

The first disposable razor was invented about 20 years after the safety razor. King Gillette introduced the world’s first disposable razor in 1901. Gillette is still a major brand when it comes to razors, and disposable razors are among the most popular in the world.

Electric Razors

Though they are far more computerized and electronic now, the very first electric razor was invented in 1910. Unlike today’s electric razor that is plugged into a wall and charged, this was one mechanical in nature.

You would have to wind the internal motor before the razor could trim your facial hair. While primitive and painful by today’s standards, this was a major invention that has become one of the most popular types of razors.

Military Shaving

Did you know that shaving used to be forbidden in the military? For example, British soldiers were only allowed to shave after 1916. Before this, soldiers who shaved would be penalized.

So during Movember, enjoy the fact that there’s no need to pull out your electric razor, or disposable, or whatever type of blade you may use. Spread the word when asked about the stubble, ‘stache, or beard and remember that awareness can save lives.

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