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Advice For Ending A Relationship


There is very rarely a quick and easy way to put an end to a relationship and some would say that if there is then the time you spent together as a couple clearly was not all that meaningful. If you know that you want to break it off then you should consider the best way to go about it with the minimum amount of hurt feelings.

Consider the Circumstances

Besides making the decision of how to tell your partner that you think the time has come to part ways you will also be wondering when and where to inform them. Firstly, you should always make a point of talking to them about this face to face as opposed to over the phone or by text message. Any other method apart from in person is quite simply a coward’s way out and should always be avoided in this scenario. Even if you are thinking in advance about breaking up with someone have the respect and courtesy not to tell anyone else before you tell them.

Pay close attention to the things that your partner has going on in their day-to-day life at that time and if you know that they have a lot to deal with at work then it could be a good idea to tell them at the end of the week. Either way it is not easy to do but you should not let it drag on. Think carefully about where you will tell them as a public place could be uncomfortable despite the fact some choose this to make things easier.

Tell Them Why

Your partner is worthy of an explanation as to why you feel it is no longer working and you should be able to tell them the reasons behind your decision. You can let them know without going overboard and picking apart their character and personality to the finest detail. Try to get them to understand how you have seen the relationship for it to lead you to this point.

Trust Your Instincts

There can often be a temptation to go back on your decision to bring the relationship to an end but if you have thought long and hard and still came to this point then go with your instincts. It can be heart-breaking to see someone you have spent so much time with upset but you just have to trust the way you feel rather than succumbing to the guilt and reversing your decision when your heart is not truly in it.

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