Amazing Things for Men to Do in London

It’s all very well when men and their partners hit London for a weekend but there comes a time when men deserve a little me time. Here are a few fabulous ideas for men, when they deserve some city treats.

Relax, Take It Easy

Spa days traditionally are aimed at women. There is no avoiding that fact but there is a shift now in the Spa industry and men are now being catered for in a much more masculine manner. The good parts are still there i.e. the fluffy robes and the calming Zen music but the treatments available to men are aimed at their skin type and needs. The Ushvani Spa in Cadogan Gardens, Knightsbridge has formed the perfect Spa retreat for men. The entrance itself is very subtle; a man could easily be heading for a meeting in a grand building behind two huge wooden doors. The wood lined Spa is very chic but undeniably masculine.  The treatments whisper “grooming” rather than “get rid of my cellulite!” Try the Chocolate Orange massage and smell as good as you can eat.

How to Be Bond

Most men would love to have a taste of a James Bond lifestyle and a trip to the capital could fulfil that ambition. Leaving from the London Eye Pier, there is an experience which would appeal to most red blooded males. The chance to zoom up the river Thames in a speedboat is not to be missed (David Beckham did it in the opening of the Olympics).  The boats can hit 35 knots and will certainly perk up an afternoon of sightseeing.

Fine and Dandy

Saville Row is a traditional street in London where the world’s best tailors reside. Everyone who is anyone in the world visits Saville Row to have a bespoke suit commissioned. The experience could be a little costly so try Cad and the Dandy, this firm represents the modern suit wearers and boasts a chilled, relaxed atmosphere. This is one shopping experience that could compete with your partners!

Take an Afternoon Break

Whilst experiencing some down time in the city, you may consider treating yourself to a drink in one of the best bars in London. The Lonsdale, of Lonsdale Street, Notting Hill is a fabulous place to order a cocktail and get down to some serious people watching. The mixologists are among the finest in London and can mix a cocktail to the highest standard. This is a great place to while away an afternoon.

Eating Out

Lunch can be a serious matter in London and rather than grabbing a hot dog off a street vendor, London generously gives visitors a fine choice of eateries. One place that never fails to tickle the taste buds is Maze. This is one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants and it is conveniently found in central London. The food looks stunning, tastes amazing and the extensive wine menu will dazzle. This is a failsafe option for a reasonably priced, fabulous meal.

London is a playground for men who know what they want!

Written by Elizabeth James who writes for Cad and the Dandy.

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