Are Thongs the Best Underwear Choice for Men?

 Many people have argued for years on whether or not thongs are the best underwear for men to wear each and every day. This article discusses both sides of that argument.

A man’s selection of his underwear is essential and will determine just how comfortable (or uncomfortable) that man will be in his clothes. There is a wide variety of options that a man can choose from in this area, including the famous debate between boxers and briefs. However, in recent years, a different undergarment has been added to that short list of debates even though they are mostly worn by women. What type of underwear is being spoken of here? Thongs! There seems to be a positive and a negative side to thongs being worn by men and we will now take a moment to consider both sides of this ongoing argument.

Arguments against Thongs

Many people feel that thongs are designed for women and should only be worn by women. They argue that thongs were not designed to properly cradle and cover a man’s private parts because it was specifically designed to cover the parts of a woman. The thought of a man wearing a pair of thongs is actually funny to most people! Another argument is that not every man looks good wearing a pair of thongs and some men should stay far away from thongs all together. They also argue that men using and wearing thongs as their primary choice of underwear is purely ridiculous and that any man that wears them consistently should be considered as being silly instead of serious about this choice of clothing.

Now let’s examine that other side of this spectrum and focus on the arguments that are in favor of men wearing thongs.

Arguments for Thongs

The people that argue in support of thongs feel as if their overall availability is a benefit itself. Thongs that account for private body parts on men are handy, easy to use and comfortable in a very unique way. Some even consider that thongs are the best mens underwear. Others agree that a good pair of thongs can make a man look hot. The esteem of a lot of men is boosted greatly when they slap on a pair of thongs in the same way that many men feel when they slip into some Spandex. It is quite natural for men to look hot and feel hot. Therefore, if thongs can help them achieve such a monumental feat, what is the big deal?

The Choice is Up to You

You can read different arguments and debates for hours and hours on what other people think is the best men’s underwear. You may decide that you are set on one particular side of this argument and are strongly opposed to the other. On the other hand, you may approach this issue from an eclectic perspective and decide to experiment with different options before making your final choice. Regardless of how you go about coming up with your final answer does not matter because that is not truly important in the grand scheme of things. The bottom line, though, is at the end of the day, the choice is always going to be up to you as to what underwear you are most comfortable wearing.

This article has been written by the Style Pilot content team as a tongue-in-cheek look at the best men’s underwear options

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