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How Can You Spot A Fake When Dating Online?

In the world of dating there are certainly numerous ways to meet someone new and if you do not favour any of the more traditional scenarios to do this then finding somebody online is a possibility. There is no doubt that there used to be much more of a stigma that came with dating online but this has changed to a large extent over the years. Nevertheless, it can still be an area of concern for some people when you consider that there are dating scammers and fake profiles inhabiting these online spaces. There is most definitely a huge difference between embellishing on one or two of your good points and claiming to be someone you are not. Luckily, you can minimise the risk of being duped if you know the warning signs to be aware of. Continue reading How Can You Spot A Fake When Dating Online?


What Role Does Communication Play In A Relationship?

They say, ‘It is best if it’s expressed.’ It becomes more vital when it comes to a relationship. Those who are able to sustain in a relationship are the ones who are able to express their love. Without a proper interaction, no relationship can continue for a longer period of time. Continue reading What Role Does Communication Play In A Relationship?

Spice Up Your Shave With Famous Facial Hair Recreations

Shaving your face smooth day after day is boring and uninteresting. However, with recent trends like Movember and Mustache March, facial hair is no longer taboo, and guys can have fun shaving once more. If you are gearing up for Mustache March or Movember, or simply want to make your shaving routine more interesting, try shaving your facial hair into one of these iconic styles. Continue reading Spice Up Your Shave With Famous Facial Hair Recreations


Interesting Facts About Muscles and Human Body

The infographic shows some interesting facts that are associated with the muscles and the body. The facts presented are things that most people do not know about.

There is a photo of Jonas Rantanen who with a weight of 575 kg was able to perform a squat that defeated the former champion Donnie Thompson of 573 kg. Continue reading Interesting Facts About Muscles and Human Body

5 Signs That Prove You Are Married

For all you happily married people out there, do you, every now and then, get struck by the realization that after marriage, so many things about yourself seem to have changed? So much, that probably if you were to bump into yourself, you might fail to recognize yourself. Most of these changes tend to be regarding physical appearance, lifestyle and behavior and if things go well, most of the times they happen to be pleasant changes. These changes might sound amusing, but they are there. Let’s have a look at a few. Continue reading 5 Signs That Prove You Are Married

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Advice For Ending A Relationship


There is very rarely a quick and easy way to put an end to a relationship and some would say that if there is then the time you spent together as a couple clearly was not all that meaningful. If you know that you want to break it off then you should consider the best way to go about it with the minimum amount of hurt feelings.

Continue reading Advice For Ending A Relationship

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Romantic Cliches That Actually Work

There are many well-known ways to be romantic and they’re often seen as unimaginative and somewhat corny. However, these things haven’t become love scenario staples because they don’t work. In fact quite the opposite. Here’s a guide to some of the most obvious romantic things you can do that are actually pretty cool. Continue reading Romantic Cliches That Actually Work

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An Ideal Dating Guide

If you’ve been striking out in regards to the dating scene for a while and aren’t quite sure why, then you’re far from alone. The chances are excellent you’re making common mistakes that are actually pretty common! Are you talking about past relationships over dinner instead or art, music, or your plans for the future? Do you take most of your dates out to bars instead of investing in something more impressive, like sporting events tickets or concert tickets? Are you looking for love in all the right places instead of the wrong ones? Continue reading An Ideal Dating Guide

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Three Easy Ways To Become More Attractive To Women

Being attractive for women is not that difficult, but it does take daily upkeep and practice. It is a proven fact; both men and women judge male attractiveness based on personality. However to get women to look at the personality and the real you, you need to make yourself more appealing to women.

Continue reading Three Easy Ways To Become More Attractive To Women