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The Worst Menswear Mistakes You Can Make

You see one almost every day. Maybe on the bus to work, maybe in the pub later that night, the fact of the matter is, there’s always a man somewhere who’s committing a heinous crime against style. But fear no more, this guide is here to highlight the most serious offences so you can make sure you never slip up again. Continue reading The Worst Menswear Mistakes You Can Make


A Men’s Guide on How To Wear Boots

To put it bluntly, men often struggle whilst making footwear choices. For many a young man, it is good enough to simply use a pair of white trainers with any outfit regardless of the ensemble and regardless of the occasion. This is simply not true – doing so will give the impression of an individual who cares not what they look like and, as such, gives an impression of an apathetic person which can translate poorly when on dates, at job interviews or in business meetings. Continue reading A Men’s Guide on How To Wear Boots

leather jacket

Top 4 Don’ts When Wearing Leather Jackets For Men

It is so easy to look like a fashion klutz when it comes to leather jackets. You need a certain amount of swag, perhaps, the right kind of body build, in order to look good in leather jacket. Here are the top Don’ts you need to remember if you are planning on wearing leather anytime soon. Continue reading Top 4 Don’ts When Wearing Leather Jackets For Men


Choosing a Watch Strap

The strap you use on your watch is one of those things that can really define how well the watch looks. Just like a beautiful bespoke suit with a pair of ugly shoes, having a bad watch strap on a beautiful watch really takes away from it and can leave the watch looking very unimpressive. This really can be a shame and you would be surprised at the number of people who end up with a watch that looks lacklustre, all because of the watch strap. Continue reading Choosing a Watch Strap


How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

We all know men need their space to put their feet up, turn on the game, crack open a beverage and tune out the world. Although they don’t always show it, the stresses of providing for and raising a family can get to men as much as women. Men deserve a place to hang their deer heads, spin their lottery wheels or display their sports memorabilia as much as we want that floral comforter we saw last week at the mall. Design a functional and attractive man cave with a little bit of planning and creativity.

Develop a Vision

Assess the available space and take measurements to get an idea of what you are working with. Create a vision of the type of space and environment you want to create. Continue reading How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Choosing the Right Razor for You

Say what you will about a full beard, sooner or later all men will want to shave. Facial hair is largely out of fashion and the clean shaven look is in. It’s something you are going to have to do every day and, as with most things, the right tools will make all the difference. They can change a pain (literally as well as figuratively) into a task that sets the tone for your whole day. Continue reading Choosing the Right Razor for You