Choosing the Right Razor for You

Say what you will about a full beard, sooner or later all men will want to shave. Facial hair is largely out of fashion and the clean shaven look is in. It’s something you are going to have to do every day and, as with most things, the right tools will make all the difference. They can change a pain (literally as well as figuratively) into a task that sets the tone for your whole day.

Wet Shave or Electric Razor?

The obvious first decision is Electric or Wet. We will mostly be concentrating on the traditional wet shaving here. Though electric is convenient and, if you use an appropriate electric pre shave solution, it can achieve decent results, for that smooth close shave it has to be wet all the way.

With that choice out of the way, there are still a vast array of products from which to choose. This is not totally because one is better than another, but because one is better for you. What your friend may rave about leaves you with a burning face.

Razor Blades

Modern multi blades (up to 5 per razor head) can leave you with a face like your first facial hair had never even thought of sprouting. The traditional style (i.e.: single replaceable blade, such as the Scimitar double edge razor) is also still in favour with many people. This is because traditional still gets the job done for many men every morning.

Shaving Lotions and Potions

Some things that a lot of men seem to miss from their daily routine are the ranges of pre and post shave lotions available. A good pre shave solution, like The Bluebeard’s Revenge, will raise the bristles and allow the razor to take them off cleanly with minimal fuss. Likewise, a good post shave lotion, like Somerset’s Post-Shave Moisturiser, will sooth any skin irritation that the shave may leave behind.

Shaving Stands

You should also consider how your shaving kit will fit in with the décor of the bath room. If you live in a modern bachelor loft, then you may well be after the smooth clean lines of a simple stand whereas a classical décor simply demands the more traditional razor and brush stand that could have been lifted from an Edwardian gentleman’s bathroom. Though often overlooked or ignored, a stand is very important. The major cause of dull blades is not use, but corrosion. Leave your blade on the side of the sink, instead of on a stand, and you are asking for a dull blade that would need replacing every few days.

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