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Cool But Safe First Date Ideas

You have a date planned and you’re excited. Whether it’s a blind date that your friends set up or you think you finally found that special person, first dates are filled with possibilities. Of course, they can also be dangerous if the person has different ideas than you. While you are thrilled about the date, you also want to be safe. Here are some safe first date ideas that you can consider for the next time you meet someone new.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

You want to get to know each other, but you also want to remain in public areas that are safe. Consider volunteering at a soup kitchen. You will do your good deed for the day, learn something new about each other and remain safe.

Learn how to Cook

See how you each react when the heat is turned up. While you may not want to turn the heat up for real just yet, you can still have fun learning how to cook together. Sign up for a cooking class to improve your skills in the kitchen and see if there’s a spark between you and your date.

Drinks and Conversation

There’s a reason so many people choose drinks and snacks at a local bar. It’s fun, it gives you a little privacy, and yet you are safe because there are still plenty of people around.

The Tourist Section

Do you have a tourist hot spot in your town? Even if you have been there a hundred times, you’ve never been there before with this particular person. You may see something new, or you can take this chance to show off your favorite spots in the tourist area.

Revisit Your Childhood

Zoos aren’t just for kids. They’re also for grownups who want to learn more about each other while staying in an enjoyable and safe environment. You’ve seen everything there often enough to ignore it if the date is going well. However, there’s also plenty to keep you both entertained if the date isn’t going the way you had hoped.

Local Festivals

It doesn’t matter if it’s an art festival, the annual carnival or the county fair, it’s a great choice for a first date. There’s plenty of sights to take in, so the conversation won’t lag. Even if you don’t come home with the love of your life, you may come home with some wonderful accessory for the house.

The Flea Market

You never know what oddity, great deal or comical item you will find at the flea market. You can bond as you search for something special or marvel over the incredible variety of items available at the market.

Classical Music in the Great Outdoors

Even people who aren’t big fans of classical music still enjoy a concert outdoors. Pack a picnic, get the tickets and prepare to enjoy a memorable and safe first date.


Does your date want to go for a walk on the beach at sunset? This could be an incredible first date, but it’s not the safest idea. However, it can still work if you are willing to double date. If this suggestion comes up, suggest having another couple tag along to keep safety first.

Try a New Cuisine

New restaurants open all the time. Go try something new, enjoy a delicious meal and support a local business. It’s sure to be a new experience for both of you, and that’s always enjoyable.

Visit the Local Stand-Up Comedy Club

It’s a step up from the bar scene, and you might even get a few chuckles out of the date. While you will be too busy enjoying the show at a local stand-up club, it will still let you determine if you’re interested in a second date.

When going out on a first date, safety should come first. Even though someone seems safe when you first meet them, that can be nothing more than a show. Try to go somewhere public with plenty of other people around. If your date really wants a more private setting, then insist on making it a double-date with friends.

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