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Couples – Do You Apologise To Each Other Enough?!

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and while the ups are great, the downs can really get you down. Fighting and arguing within a relationship is perfectly normal, so just because you and your partner have had a row, don’t assume that it’s the beginning of the end.

The important thing is to know how to argue, and also know how to apologise. It’s hard to back down, but it’s the best thing to do.

Arguments should always have parameters that neither of you should go beyond. Name-calling and threats are always a bad idea and will only make a situation escalate. If you feel that the argument is getting out of control, leave each other to cool down – you’ll have a much calmer discussion once your blood stops boiling!

Once you have established a ‘good’ way of arguing, it’s really important that you both understand the power of a heartfelt apology. It may not all be your fault, but you should still apologise for any part you had to play in it. They in return should apologise for their share of the blame. It’s how couples forgive and forget – a genuine apology makes it very hard to hang on to any resentment.

Here are our top ways of saying ‘I’m sorry’:

A Bunch of Flowers

It’s not just women that should get flowers! A modern man can handle a bunch of flowers every now and again, and he will be really touched that you thought of him. It’s a lot easier to accept somebody’s apology if they have a gorgeous bunch of flowers in their hand – it’s great for diffusing a fight and will put smiles back on both of your faces.

A Night Out

The humdrum of day-to-day living makes us forget about the bigger picture sometimes. If all you have been doing is squabbling about domestic issues, how about the two of you go out and let your hair down? You’ll be surprised at how much good it does. Go for a romantic meal and really make the most of each other. The conversation will flow as fast as the wine, and it won’t be long before you’re giggling like teenagers! It’s really important to rediscover each other from time to time.

A Little Note

If you find it hard to say sorry, then why not put it in writing instead? A little note stuck to the fridge is all it takes – or if you’re feeling a little more sorry then how about a card? It will mean a lot and it’s easier than saying sorry in person sometimes. Think about creative ways to make the note, or creative places to leave it to be found.

It’s very hard to resent anybody that really means their apology. Apologising means one of you will have to buckle first, but relationships have little room for stubbornness. Swallow your pride and say you’re sorry – you’ll probably find your partner says it right back. Then you can move on and put it behind you, safe in the knowledge that your love is protected and the matter has been forgotten!

The contributor of this blog post is Jeremy Lyon. He works Funky Bunches, a Perth based florist. He is a celebrated wedding decorator and regards Tulips as the most preferred wedding flowers. In his spare time, he likes gardening.

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