Custom Temporary Tattoos: Trendy, Fun, And Risk-free

507004147_2719fe5718_nYou love the way they look, and they’re everywhere these days. Tattoos are the hottest fashion accessory on pretty bare shoulders, slender ankles and lovely wrists. As much as you admire them, you’re not interested in a permanent relationship. However, you can have your tat and change it on a whim with the latest non-permanent trend in body art. Temporary tattoos are full of pain-free style and healthy fun.

Painful Choices

No one likes needles, but they’re the delivery system for traditional tattoos. The process isn’t comfortable, and it must be performed under sterile conditions. Television reality shows glamorize ink artists without mentioning the risk of hepatitis or HIV. That tattoo is costly, painful and permanent, but a temporary tat lets you avoid all the discomfort, worry, and expense. A lovely rose on your wrist goes beautifully with that little black dress, but you don’t want to wear it to the office. Temporary skin art is a risk-free fashion choice, and you decide where to show it off.

Risk-Free Fashion

Everyone enjoys choices, and temporary tattoos let you decide which application you like best. Henna dyes have been around for centuries, and they’re still a favorite form of body art. The warm, earthy tones are derived from a natural paste, and your tattoo will last several days or weeks depending on the application. A more colorful alternative requires an artist’s touch and an airbrush. This technique lays richly hued designs on the skin, but it also takes time for the effect to fade. Transfers are your best fashion choice because they come off as easily as they go on.

Transforming With Transfers

Henna and airbrushed tattoos are beautiful, and in the right hands they’re original works of art. However, they can be a little more costly, and it takes time for them to eventually fade. Transfers are inexpensive DIY alternatives that fit every budget and taste in fashion, and they’re simple to remove with baby oil, rubbing alcohol or Scotch tape. You’ll find these terrific temps in most retail stores, online shops and even auction sites. Because they’re so affordable, it’s fun to indulge in as many as you like and change your tat to suit your mood or style.

Unlimited Design

Today’s temporary tats come in every style and color imaginable and can be easily accessed on the web, on sites like www.tattooyou.com or in stores. From the gothic allure of Celtic symbols to clouds of brilliant butterflies, the selections are endless. You can adorn a wrist with a favorite name spelled out in splendid script or decorate your ankle with a single, perfect flower. You’ll even find online outlets that let you upload original art and design a personal tat. Best of all, you can change that beach look into evening drama in just a few minutes and still leave it all home when you head for the office on Monday.

Celebrate your freedom of choice, and treat yourself to fashionable fun that you won’t regret later. Enjoy the look today, change it tomorrow, and express your own unique style. It doesn’t have to be a permanent relationship, and that’s the real charm of temporary tattoos.

By Molly Pearce

Creative author and artist Molly Pearce writes to share on up and coming trends with her fashion forward readers. She finds temporary tattoos can be a great accessory to any ensemble for a variety of occasions. Research for this post was collected in part on www.tattooyou.com, a forum for artists and temporary tattoo enthusiasts to discuss, share, and purchase creative designs.

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