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Dressing for Success in 2013: Men’s Fashion Trends for Business

It’s no secret that men who dress poorly have little or no influence in the business world. Your clothes and even your accessories like the glasses you wear and the belt you use to hold your pants up can either make you look like a winner in business or someone who’s lacking in fashion sense and viewed as a failure. In 2013, the professional man who dresses for success and in a way that suits both his personality and the industry he’s in will be the man who makes the best impressions. Here are a few fashion tips for 2013 to make sure that you’re looking your best in the boardroom and when traveling to and from those important business meetings.

Neutral Colors Going Out – Bold Patterns Coming In

The past few years in men’s fashion have featured rather boring neutral colors. This winter and spring we can expect to see bold patterns on the racks as well as fitted, doubled-breasted business suits with wide lapels. And, there will be hats and lots of them as designers are going back to the 40’s and 50’s, allowing men to dress for business with a lot more class.

Mixing Patterns

2013 is going to be a time for business men to loosen their collars a bit and have some fun with their clothes. Mixing patterns will be the thing to do such as wearing a sport jacket made of tweed with a stripped or plaid shirt. In dress shirts, expect to see a lot of bold, striped colors, plenty of plaid and even checkerboard prints. And of course, ties will be worn with these shirts and will feature solid, bright, contrasting colors.

Pleated Pants Making a Comeback

It’s been a while since pleated pants for men were in vogue. But considering that double-breasted suits are in for 2013, it’s only natural that the pants worn with these suits will have pleats in the front. Pants are going to be mostly solid colored so as not to contrast with the bold patterns in shirts and jackets with earth tones being big.

Men Can Feel Good About Accessorizing in 2013

Like in 2012, big over-sized men’s watches will be worn in 2013 as will bracelets made of leather and trimmed with stainless steel or gold. In belts, expect to see a lot of hip, snakeskin pieces which will give professional men just the right amount of ‘edge’ without being too Guns ‘n’ Roses. The busy executive who is often rushing through airports will be happy to learn that non-metallic travel suspenders are A-OK to wear in 2013 to ensure that valuable time will be lost at security checkpoints.

2013 is going to be an interesting year in the world of men’s business fashion. Going out  are dull, beige tones which dominated the scene in 2012. What’s coming in are bolder colors and patterns which can be mixed for a touch of flair and sophistication.

Annie Biden writes about beauty anf fashion.

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