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Feeling the Love Connection and Intimacy

Love may be much more than a simple romance. In fact, health professionals report that love involves the release of certain hormones like oxytocin. It is no wonder why songs in pop culture often talk about an “addiction to love,” because the reality is that millions of people actually are addicted to the brain chemicals released when two people are in love.

When oxytocin is released in the body, there are numerous short-term health benefits that people experience. Individuals are able to get rid of arthritis and back pain with the release of this chemical. They are also able to get rid of migraines and even menstrual cramps in this feeling that society calls “love.”

People who have sex on a regular basis also receive other types of benefits. If you have ever noticed that a certain person has a natural glow, then chances are that person is in love. People who are in love have a natural glow to their complexion and have clear skin. They have an improved facial appearance, which also includes shiny hair and bright eyes.

When two people are in love within their first year, they will also notice that they experience the growth of the nervous system too. It has also been documented that people who are in love experience longer rates of mortality than people who are not currently having sex. People have less anxiety, and they are also more likely to lose weight when they are engaging in sex regularly.

It is no wonder why some people want to be in a perpetual state of “love” in society. It appears that there are only numerous benefits to be had when people are enjoying love and having sex. From an improved sense of smell to improved dental hygiene, it seems that the list of benefits are truly endless for those who take the risk of being in love.

If you want to join in on the benefits of love, then what is holding you back? Jump in today and find someone who has a connection with you. This can cause you to experience all of the health benefits of love.

Source: master-of-health-administration.com

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