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First Dates: Tips and Suggestions

So that special lady or fella has finally agreed to go out on a date with you, huh? Now that the day and time have been set, you’re probably starting to panic a little bit. What should you do to avoid unnecessary amounts of awkwardness on your first date?

No Past Loves

You definitely don’t want to start talking about your past romances. Constantly bringing up your ex will make your date feel as though you aren’t over him or her. The only exception to this rule is if the person asks you about your past. Even though, don’t carry on and on about it.

No Interviews

Don’t start bombarding your date with a bunch of questions. Ask a question, listen to his or her response and then offer an anecdote of your own or a question that relates to the topic. If you start rattling off a series of “What do you do?” “How old are you?” “Where were you born?” in a rapid fire succession, the date going to feel very business like.

Avoid the Phone

One of the rudest things that you can do when spending time with a new person is to be constantly texting or chatting on the phone. Doing so tells the person that whatever is happening on the phone is more important than the conversation going on in real life. Sound like a major turn-off? Well, that’s because it is. Even if the date is going poorly, you can show some simple respect, hold off for a couple of more hours and simply call it an early night. The only exception to this rule is if there is an emergency.

Take it Slow

No need to rush into a relationship, especially if you just got out of a particularly bad or long one. Bringing up talks of marriage or how badly you want to start a family can be a major problem on the first date. Eventually, these are talks you need to have if the date develops into a relationship, but practically telling the person that you are ready to marry him or her that instant can be quite frightening!


Just because you’re avoiding topics such as marriage, children and old lovers does not mean that you should treat your date like he or she doesn’t matter. Don’t show up late for the date. If you’re being picked up, be ready to go. No one likes having to wait around. Furthermore, unless you’re going paintballing, don’t wear tattered old clothes or lounge outfits. See what type of restaurant, cafe, etc. you’re heading to and dress appropriately. Even if you’re going for a stroll through the park, a clean, crisp pair of capris and a nice tank top are much better options than yoga pants and a sports t-shirt.
Indeed, every person is different, and these rules might not apply in some situations. However, they are general rules of thumb that many individuals will appreciate, and they can certainly help to make first dates better, less awkward, experiences.

Rihanna Stickler writes about dating, relationships and marriage.  She is a relationship counselor and always tells each couple the importance of using, you can never go wrong with a beautiful arrangement of flowers!

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