Five Sexy Ways to Jazz up Your Love Life

Whatever way you wrap it up, sex and a long-term relationship don’t often go as hand-in-hand as we may have wished for. Often our busy lives and career commitments stand in the way of romance and intimacy and before too long it’s difficult to rekindle a fire that once burned brightly.

There’s no reason to feel disheartened if your love life isn’t going quite according to plan because with a bit of effort and making time for each other, you can quickly kick-start your passion with all the virility and energy of a couple of newlyweds.

Below are five of my top tips for reigniting that spark in the bedroom and no matter what your age, propensity to love making or commitment to your partner, there’s no better time to start than right now.

Role Play

It’s not that we’re bored of our partners it’s more like we want to be surprised and aroused by the possibility of who we become when we’re in the arms of an attractive stranger. Dressing up and playing out a fantasy is the height of eroticism and setting the scene by leaving love notes and a trail of tantalising clues is all the more arousing. Doctors and nurses, Tarzan and Jane, David and Victoria, whatever floats your boat – dare to be different and let the consequences be damned.

A Weekend Break

Europe is calling and Paris, Bucharest and Vienna all provide enough romance and class to inspire even the most languid of relationships. Book a plane, train or ferry and before you know it you’ll be on the Continent as care-free as a couple of new-born foals. Once you’ve decided on your destination all you have to do is find a hotel with a double bed, organise a romantic evening, in or out, and the rest should take care of its self.

A Candlelit Meal

No matter whether you’re dining out or whether you’ve spent the afternoon slaving over a hot stove, sharing an intimate meal together is a timeless classic when it comes to romance. If you’re eating in then make sure you set the mood lighting and ambience correctly because there’s no point going to all that trouble before sitting down to eat off your laps while watching the X-factor. Bottle of wine, starters, main course and, of course, dessert and there’s only one thing left to do once you’ve finished.


When couples have been together for a long period of time they often get to know all of each other’s intimate secrets that were once the preserve of sexy surprises at the end of a Saturday night. Why not jazz up your top drawer with a few choice items of lingerie that have only been seen by your eyes only? Better yet, why not surprise your partner with some sexy vintage lingerie that’s guaranteed to set both of your pulses racing in anticipation at the night, or day, ahead?

A Sensual Massage

You don’t have to be an expert but with a little thought, some chilled-out tunes and a bottle of baby oil you’ll be cooking up a steamy and sensual massage experience in no time at all. Make the most of all your senses by ensuring smells, sounds and sight are equally catered for as well as the essential touch. If your love life’s gone off the boil then there’s nothing better than a little oil to get the flames licking and dancing around your ears once more.

Of course, whatever method you prefer is what’s best for you but if you can set aside some time and let your partner know that you still care then you’re half way to returning to the promised lands of love.

Chris is a married father with two children and is definitely considering indulging his wife in some vintage lingerie for Christmas and packing the kids off to their grandparents!

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