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How to Buy Fashionable Gifts for Women: A Man’s Guide

Buying fashion gifts for a woman can be difficult for men to get right.
Wow, there is an understatement if ever there was one!Is buying fashion gifts really that difficult, or do men make it harder than it truly needs to be? As a starting point, we put together these quick rules to help men buy tasteful, fashionable gifts for women.

NEVER Buy Sale

She might tell you that she does not care what you buy her, however you probably already know that’s a lie! To make sure you purchase the right thing, never, ever, buy her anything that is in the sale. She will probably recognise it from a magazine or website, and that it was fashionable maybe six months ago.

The worst case scenario will be that your girlfriend or whoever you buy the sale item for has already seen the gift, as she received a promotional e-mail talking about the upcoming sale in the store you bought it from.

Use Other Women Sparingly

Read on its own, that heading could have all sorts of connotations, couldn’t it? However, rest assured in this case we mean with regards to gift shopping for your partner or female relative or friend.

While it is great to get the perspective of another woman, everyone has different tastes and if the source of advice is miles away from the person you are buying for, trouble could be on the horizon. You truly need to get inside her head, and put away any thoughts you have about how she may look in a certain gift. Yes, you might think she will look amazing in that dress, however if it is too revealing or raunchy for her tastes, you could find yourself being shown the door.

Stay Safe

Another dose of double entendre, but this is the mantra that will make you a legend in her eyes if you can get the gift purchase right.

Forget about being too flashy and pushing the boat out, buying her something from a store where she loves the fashions and would ordinarily shop is a great way to tackle the issue. If nothing else, at least you have demonstrated thought in buying her something from somewhere she enjoys shopping, and have an awareness of her taste in fashion in general.

What to Avoid

At all costs, shoes should be avoided. Far too easy to mess up the size, style, colour, and anything else that has the potential to go wrong. I’d personally steer clear of jewellery, too, unless you are certain there is something she would like. If it must be accessories, then a stylish, current season designer handbag is usually a great way to go.

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