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How to Conquer a Shy Girl

When it comes to seducing women, shy girls tend to be the most elusive of all. It is hard for any man to crack through the unresponsive shell of shy girlsĀ in order to get to the sweet and tender insides. However, it is not impossible to conquer a shy girl. Before you can begin to evening contemplate theĀ concept of conquering a shy girl, you must first understand the psychological logic behind her shyness.

A Fear of Others

Some shy women have a fear of other people. They may not like being surrounded by lots of people, being touched or even being spoken to. In the
psychological world, this is often referred to as agoraphobia. Women who are shy because of a mild case of agoraphobia will be very difficult to seduce.
This will not mean that it is impossible; you just have to get past her fear of others. This means working on trust factors with her; getting her to trust

A Bad Experience

Some women are shy as a result of a bad experience in the past. If a girl has been through a bad breakup, a bad childhood or just about any other possible
bad experience, they lose part of their ability to be sociable. As with any other form of shyness, it is important that you first build trust if you ever
plan on seducing a girl. Especially if she is shy due to a nasty experience in her past.


Depending on how a girl is raised, there is a potential for her to be shy simply because of her belief system. It is not uncommon for girls who are raised
in a highly religious home to be shyer than others. At the same time, girls who are raised in a home which religion is not an important factor are often
more outgoing and confident. Girls who are shy as a result their own belief system are actually quite easy to seduce.


It is not uncommon for a girl to be dragged out by her friends to go to someplace she just does not want to go. As a result, she will most likely be
uncomfortable with the fact that she is even there. Chances are, she never wanted to go out and meet anyone to begin with, which results in her not wanting
to be sociable. If a girl is shy because she is uncomfortable with her surroundings, to seduce her all you need to do is make her more comfortable.

Faking It

Believe it or not, many girls who appear shy at first are not actually shy at all. It is not uncommon for a girl to fake shyness. To some women, it is like
a game. They fake shyness in order to see just how far you will go in order to break her out of her shell. It is very hard to tell whether girl is faking
her shyness or not. But if you truly want to conquer, you will have to try as hard as you can whether or not they are faking it.

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