How to Get Your Girlfriend In The Mood For Cooking

There is nothing better than having the girl of your dreams preparing your favourite meal for you. The problem is that unless she is a real lover of cooking this might not happen too often. In order to get those sweet smells drifting from the kitchen a little more regularly, here are a few tips on how to get things cooking!

Be Nice

It might sound ridiculously simple but if you are not nice, you will not get what you want. You need to treat your girlfriend with love and respect at all times. Make a concerted effort to do this and may be surprised just how she responds. A girl who feels unloved and unappreciated will not spend hours slaving away over the stove. A girl who feels fulfilled and loved however will be more than happy to show her man exactly how much she appreciates having such an amazing boyfriend.

Wash the Dishes

If you are lucky enough to get your dinner cooked for you then it is essential that you do your bit too. Nobody likes doing the washing up, especially if they have spent hours preparing the meal too. It’s not a great job but i’m sure that the roast beef cooked to perfection was worth it!

Be a Handy Man

You know all of those things in your house which are just a little bit off but which you know you can live with even though they are a little annoying? Right, well they absolutely drive your girlfriend crazy. Crack out the tool belt and fix up the house. We all love to live in a comfortable environment. If you are able to make your house a place that you and your girlfriend can feel proud off, your woman will start to feel proud of you too for making it that way. It’s the old you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours. Fixing that leak will never be more rewarding!

Be Generous

If you want to get what you from the kitchen, then you have to spread the love. This applies not only to material things but also to your time. Put off watching that game when you know all your girlfriend would like is for you to go for a walk together. Don’t buy yourself a new pair of trainers when your girl has had her eyes on those cute boots for over a month now. By putting your girlfriend first sometimes you will soon see how the good things start to work their way back to you.

Get Involved

There is no rule that says you can’t make cooking a shared hobby. Don;t put your feet up while your sweetheart is struggling to get everything just right. Get in the kitchen and lend a hand. Not only will your girlfriend be really happy to have the help but it also allows you to spend some quality time together, sharing a nice experience together rather than being in two separate rooms.

Eat Out

It might seem weird to suggest eating out as a means to get your girlfriend into your nicely fitted hand made kitchen, but a meal out every now and again, especially to a place that is one of her favourites, will show your girlfriend that you understand how she can’t do everything and that you don’t expect her to. Show her a good time, splash out a bit, make this a special night. If you’re lucky, she’ll be so impressed with the restaurant that she will be keen to see if she can better their dishes herself. Be a little bit cheeky and set her that challenge yourself!

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