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How To Increase Your Sex Drive & Get In The Mood Again

When a person feels like they no longer have a sex drive, it can be a real downer on relationships. However, there are many ways a person can make their sex drive reappear and get in the mood again. Here are 5 great ways a person can learn to love sex again and give their sex drive the boost it needs.

A Sexy Photo Can Boost Libido

Acquiring a nude or sexy photo of one’s significant other can help improve a person’s sex drive and allow them to be more exploratory in the sack. Willing partners can give their loved ones the mood-boosting drive they need by bringing out their inner pinup model. Even a glance for 30 seconds can help the brain produce more dopamine, a feel good chemical that makes any person more driven for sex.

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks Before Having Sex

Too much hard alcohol, dairy products, and processed baked goods can ruin a person’s libido. While a little bit of alcohol and a sweet dessert may not help, too much of these things can take a person’s sex drive down to a halt.

Try Mood-Boosting Foods and Drinks Instead

Red wine, tangy fruits, and tomatoes are great for creating a libido. Oysters are wonderful to create a sex drive as well, so people looking to perform in the bedroom can take advantage of a little bit of bubbly and a healthy nosh prior to engaging in sex for a more successful romp.

A Healthy Diet and Exercise Goes a Long Way

A sex drive is only as good as the body it thrives in, so people wanting to boost their libido should try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. This includes getting enough sleep as well, as a tired libido will have difficulty getting moving when the mood strikes. In men, belly fat actually absorbs testosterone, which gives even more reason to tone up and avoid being overweight.


Above all else, nothing kills a sex drive more than stress and too-high expectations. People who can’t seem to find the ability to ‘get it on’ can take advantage of stress-reducing activity like walking, soft music, and even yoga to help them approach sex in a more healthy way. After all, sex should be fun, not a chore!

When it comes to creating a sex drive, a healthy body and mindset must work together. Eating the right foods, avoiding foods and drinks that drag a libido down and even managing stress can work wonders to helping a sex drive increase. Partners can work together to help make a sex drive more reliable, and can help make the task of getting in the mood that much easier. With a few lifestyle changes and even a visual aide here and there, couples who have a hard time being intimate can learn to explore sex in whole new ways. When it comes to a sex drive, a little ambition can help a person jump start their urges.

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