How To Know If You And Your Partner Are Really Ready To Get Engaged

Getting engaged is a serious commitment that should never be taken lightly. Although celebrities who are in the spotlight seem to get engaged only to end their engagement before their marriage even begins, or get a divorce a mere couple of months after having their wedding, in reality, marriage should be taken a lot more seriously.

But how do you and your partner really know if you are both ready to get engaged? Although it may certainly be a challenge to figure out if you are really ready to take the next step in your relationship and commit to one another for the rest of your lives, continue reading to gain access to some tips that will help guide your decision in the right direction.

You’ve Been Together for More Than a Year

A lot of couples think that they are ready to head off and purchase a gorgeous diamond engagement ring to take their relationship to the next level after they have only been dating for a year. But think about it. How much do you really know someone after this relatively short period of time? Think about how quickly a year goes by, especially if you are busy with college and work. Once you reflect upon this, you may realize that you have not been a couple for all that long after all.

You Really Got to Know One Another

pic 2Give yourselves plenty of time to get to know one another. This involves dating each other seriously for a few years. Try to experience as many different things with each other so that you can see each other’s personalities in different situations and learn how you each react to different circumstances and challenges. Once you see each other’s best and worst sides, you will know whether or not you are a good enough match to last a lifetime. So go ahead and take vacations together, or even move in together, before going out and buying a ring.

Your Lives are in a Good Place

pic 3Are you both employed and ready to move into a new home together? Or do you already have a place that you can utilize? Do you need to save more money for your wedding and your future, or are you ready to take out a mortgage for a house today?

If you are both successful individuals, and you are ready to become a successful couple, you can go ahead and get engaged. But if one, or both of you, are still working hard to get yourselves through school or you have a job that does not provide a high enough income or enough benefits, you may want to hold off on the engagement until you are more settled and in a better place in your individual lives.

Committing to another individual for the rest of your life is a serious promise that should not be entered into without careful thought and consideration. Really get to know your partner and spend a lot of time together before getting engaged.

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