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How to Write a Love Letter

Everyone has that special someone that takes their breath away. When reading this, an image already comes to mind of whom that special someone is. Perhaps that person knows how special they are, but maybe they don’t. The best way to let feelings be known if telling the person is not an option is to write a letter. Letters can actually help to explain feelings as well. Writing love letters is not hard and there is no right or wrong way to do it, but here are some tips to make it easier.

Getting Started

When you are writing a love letter to someone, you will want it to be personal. Do not type it or email it. Instead, get some nice stationary and handwrite the letter. This way, the recipient can have something to touch and see. You want it to be apparent that you put a lot into writing this letter. Sit down somewhere you can concentrate on what you are writing. If there is a song that makes you think of the person you are writing to, put it on. The first thing you will want to do is to write the date on the top of the letter. When you have this done, you can begin with your salutation to the person. Usually ‘dear’ is acceptable, but you can spice it up in any way you like. Most people will start out by expressing the feelings they got the first time they ever laid eyes on the recipient. Remember how you felt and put it into words. You should always tell the person what you appreciate the most about them and mention how much the time you spend together means to you. This is important.

Honesty is Key

You will want to be sure you are being completely honest when you are writing a love letter. Express your raw emotions. You can  write about what you honestly want in the future. If you want this person to be forever a part of your life, let them know it. Talk about some dreams you have for the both of you and perhaps mention some of your fantasies. This can be fun! Let your recipient know you want them to be a part of your life in the future. You can then close the letter when you feel done.

Writing a love letter can be scary, especially if you are afraid of rejection. However, it is important for you to  keep in mind that honesty is the best policy and that if you have feelings for someone they may secretly have feelings for you as well. Writing a love letter is not by any means hard. All you are really doing is expressing what you feel inside on a piece of paper. Now that you know how to get started and have some ideas about what you could write, you can get started writing your love letter today.

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