More Men Want to Be the Homemaker

As women continue to forge ahead into the workplace, they gaining equality and making many advances. On the flipside, many men are choosing to give up their traditional roles at the main breadwinner for the family. They want to be more involved, to have a central part in raising their children, and many are opting to become stay at home dads. While this is decision is to be commended, it is still not widely accepted.6138849514_6685068d7e

The National Parents Organization cites misconceptions about fathers who choose to stay home. A recent article in the Huffington Post actually stated that men did not truly care for their children when being the main caregiver. This caused an uproar as a generalization that is unfair and not true. There are many extremely devoted fathers who do an excellent job caring for the home and their children. To suggest that only women can do the job is a gross injustice. People tend to overlook the fact that many women do a poor job at staying at home. It takes a special kind of person who is motivated, caring, and will go the extra mile to care for little ones. Men or women can do the job.

When men try to stay at home, they are looked down upon by the public. They’re the brunt of jokes and often feel a total lack of support for what they are doing. Even though women are working now, many don’t want to work. Otherwise, common opinion states that men should be working too if they want to truly contribute and show their worth. It’s a catch-22 for men who want to do it all for their children and allow women to pursue their dreams in the working world.

What’s the answer? It will take time and men need to prove themselves. Moreover, the public has to stop being condescending to anyone who choose to stay home to raise their children. Families that have stay at home parents are making their children the top priority, rather than the almighty dollar. It’s extremely challenging with little reward. However, if those children grow up to be loved, happy, and productive, those stay at home parents will know they did the right thing. For men who want to do the job, stay strong.

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