Necessities For An Everlasting Love

1When we decide that we want to settle down with somebody, it is because we love that person and believe we are loved back. We expect that love to last forever and to be with our partner for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately this is not always the case, and seeing a marriage councilor is becoming a more frequent appointment made by couples. The majority of problems in a relationships can be averted by doing simple things that we are all able to do, and I have pointed out a few of them below. These pointers re not purely for people whose relationship is souring, they are for everybody from the day they meet

Talk to Each Other

2This is the basic necessity for all relationships to work. If you don’t talk to each other how do you know how you feel? Is it possible to discover if there is a problem, or solve one you know about if you don’t talk? No it is not. You will also not be able to tell each other about the good feeling you have for each other if you don’t talk. The simple, but complicated phrase “I love you” needs to be conveyed, and though it is a beautiful sentiment to write it down, there is nothing like having it whispered in your ear.

Keep Your Love Fresh

3Over time couples forget that they are in love and things are taken for granted, but this is the wrong approach. Partners should never stop trying to surprise each other with gestures of affection. A surprise gift, packaged and delivered, or bouquets of flowers are great ways to show your love; but a simple note on the refrigerator can be as meaningful to a couple in love. People think that date nights are a new concept, but they have been around for centuries for partners who know how to keep their love alive.

Give and Take

4No couple will ever completely agree on everything in their lives, and the secret is to know and understand this. Sometimes you will feel that it is inconceivable that your partner does not view something the way you do, but people are different and we need to be able to accept these differences as part of a relationship. Both partners will at some point need to give in about something that they believe in, or an argument may ensue creating a wall in a relationship. The simplest thing to do is to agree to disagree and accept the other point of view without the need to agree with it and argue over it.

Reaffirm Your Love

5This is simple, take the time to show that you still feel the same as you did the first day you fell in love. People love to be loved, and it is no different for your loved ones.

Here are four simple and obvious things that we should all do in our relationships, but how many of us do them? If you make sure that you do these as often as you can your relationship should go from strength to strength, and will last forever.

The author of this post, Lina James, is a part of the team at Abakat Celebrant Ceremonies, providers of marriage celebrants in Redcliffe WA. She likes to take her children to various amusement parks and admits that she likes the experience perhaps more than her kids do.

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