Need A Date For Valentine’s Day? 5 Helpful Hints

Valentine’s Day can make single people realize that they don’t want to be alone, so many single people try to snag a date for Valentine’s Day. Maybe they don’t feel like spending the night watching movies and eating ice cream alone, maybe all their friends have significant others to spend the day with, or maybe they feel like it’s the right time to get out there and try to meet the right person.

4671325973_b488fd27b2No matter what your reason is, if you’re looking to find a date for Valentine’s Day, the following five tips will help.

1. Ask Your Friends to Set You Up

Your friends and family members know people that you don’t know, so ask around and see if any of your friends or family members know someone you’d be compatible with. If possible, it’s a good idea to try and talk with this person before Valentine’s Day, as blind dates may not always go well. Make sure to tell your friends and family member about any deal breakers you may have. This way, you can be sure they’re setting you up with someone that you can actually get along with.

2. Try a Dating Website

956833924_a102e01aefThere are so many dating websites out there today that you can easily find a date by searching the Internet. You can use options like, eHarmony or even Plenty of Fish to help you find the right person to take out on Valentine’s Day. Even if this individual doesn’t turn out to be “the one”, at least you won’t be spending Valentine’s Day alone.

3. Ask Out Your Crush

If there is someone you have been dying to date, use Valentine’s Day as your excuse to finally ask him or her out. Maybe it’s the cute girl who works at your coffee shop, or maybe it’s that old crush from high school you’ve reconnected with on Facebook. It doesn’t matter who it is, just use the romantic holiday as an excuse to ask them on a date. Who knows? They may just say yes.

4. Get a Hobby

6150478762_7a61db556aMeeting people can be difficult, but if you get a hobby, you can end up getting out of the house regularly and meeting someone with similar interests. For example, you can take a class to help you learn a new language, join a fitness program or even start attending a book club. All of these will allow you to do something you enjoy and put you in a room full of other people you could be compatible with. Start talking to those that seem like dating potentials, and when the time is right, ask them out for Valentine’s Day.

5. Be Cheesy

Humor is a great quality to have, and you can easily snag a Valentine’s Day date with some wit, humor and charm. If you are out, whether alone or with friends, and you see someone you’re attracted to, chat them up and be sure to make them laugh. Maybe you will use a pick-up line in French, maybe you’ll tell a joke, or maybe you’ll just act funny. You’ll be surprised at how making a person laugh can make you more attractive to them and earn you a great Valentine’s Day date.

Lizzie Lau is a freelance writer who combines personal opinions and research to create appealing and informative articles on various topics.

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