online dating lessons

Online Dating Lessons

Most people view online dating as a means to an end, namely the way to meet the next person they will be in a relationship with. While it definitely is a great way to get a date, the online dating process can sometimes teach you more about yourself than anyone else. It’s a great way to get to know yourself, open up your heart and determine exactly what you’re looking for in a date and in a long-term relationship.

Here are Three Things Online Dating Can Teach You about Matters of the Heart

What you’re looking for

Many online daters sign up for a site without an end goal in mind. They soon find that without a plan, they become overwhelmed and distracted by all of the online dating options. Take your time to determine what type of relationship you’re looking for. Casual, long-term, marriage? It’s not only important what type of relationship you want, but what kind of person you want to have it with. As you begin sorting through online dating profiles, you will begin to notice patterns and things that you are initially drawn to, and qualities that turn you off. This will teach you how to pave your own path through the online dating landscape, one that will ultimately get you to where you want to be.

Love will always surprise you

Of course, no matter how much you think you know what you want, or how long you spend writing lists of all the qualities you absolutely must have in a partner, love will always surprise you. Online dating is one of the best teachers of this life lesson. Maybe you receive an email from someone you never would have spoken to in real life, or perhaps you read a profile that makes you laugh so loudly that you absolutely must email the person, even if it appears that you have nothing in common. Keeping an open mind and an open heart will give you the best results with your online dating adventure.

How much you have to offer

When we’re dating, we’re so often worried about what the other person brings to the table. We want to make sure that they have all the qualities that we want, treat us a certain way and live up to our expectations. With online dating, you spend as much time looking for someone special as you do sharing and expressing what makes YOU such a great catch. Your confidence will take a boost after you realize that you have a lot to offer someone, and have your pick of eligible partners.

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