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Online Dating Talk: A Look At The Basic Do’s And Don’ts

Most people will not publicly admit that they have tried online dating. The truth is it is one of the fastest growing online niches. People that engage in this form of meeting new people may have demanding careers, leaving them too busy for social activities that would let them meet new people.Others are shy and prefer the anonymity the internet provides at least during the initial phases of these dating encounters.

Here are some dating tips that will enable you to navigate the challenging waters of online dating.

Do Tell the Truth

We all embellish the truth a little bit when it comes to dating as we want our date to view us in the best possible light. Some people however take it a little bit too far when it comes to online dating. Most people lie about their weight and their height. While a few inches or pounds are alright, do not portray yourself to be something you are not. If the website requires a picture, use a current one, not one you took when you were captain of the football team ten years earlier. The reason is that once you meet and your date finds out you were lying, they will probably not want to continue seeing you especially if your lie was blatant and obvious. Do not lie about your marital status or your career.

The flip side to this is if you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful by visiting online chat rooms and dating sites, you can install trackers on your home computer that will log their activities even after they have seemingly deleted all browsing data and cache history.

Do Your Homework

Find out the legitimacy of a dating website before you register. Be careful about disclosing your personal information such as home address and telephone number to anyone you meet on the site unless you are absolutely certain they do not pose a threat to your safety. If your online interactions result in a real date, choose a public place, arrive and leave separately. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Use Your Work Computer

Using your work computer to access dating websites is an inappropriate behavior. Not to mention you run the risk of your colleagues accidentally viewing the site and getting wind of your personal life. Your employer may also have keystroke logging software installed on the workstations leaving your personal life bare for your superiors to see.

Do Pace Yourself

It would be unrealistic to meet a person online and then start planning your wedding within two weeks. While love at first keystroke is possible, it is seldom the case. Take things slow, gradually building up to a meeting. Take time to discover the interests of those people you interact with and sift the potential candidates from the non-starters. The person at the other end of the computer has emotions just like you and should not be toyed with at all.

Through his blogs Mr. Sheldon Lewis emphasizes on the pros and cons of using internet. He advocates that online dating is harmless if handled with care,maturity and safety. He propogates the use of web watcher software for this purpose. 

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