Regular Orgasm Or Being In Love – What Will You Prefer?

Men are more vocal about their sexual lives, their wants and expectations while women are submissive on this front. Around 3,800 British men and women who were a part of this study agreed that sex is an important part of the relationship. 25 percent men and 20 percent women rated sexual satisfaction as more important than love or companionship.

Findings of the Research

  • For one in six men and one in ten women, it is over if their partner is unable to satisfy them in bed.
  • Less than 50 percent of UK men and women were very happy with how frequently they orgasm.
  • 69 percent men and about 27 percent women have faked an orgasm at some point in life.

Analysis of the Findings

The findings of the research point towards the changing mindsets of both men and women. 16 percent men and 10 percent women were ready to bid adieu to their respective partners if they failed to satisfy them and they did not even have any regrets. Further, 39 percent men and women say that failure to reach an orgasm could be a big deciding factor in calling off the relationship.

Although 60 percent of men and women were “very happy”, but when asked to rate the relationship on sexual satisfaction, this percentage fell by 17 and 6 per cent respectively in men and women. 27 percent men and 69 percent women had faked an orgasm, as they were under immense pressure to reach an orgasm.

Which Factors Affect the Ability to Reach an Orgasm?

This was again one of the questions posed to the participants of the study. 20 percent women and 23 percent men cited tiredness as the common cause followed by the lack of sexual desire. High level of alcohol consumption in about 15 percent men prevented them from climaxing. Another 12 percent cited career and job worries as a major reason for failing to reach orgasm.

What the Experts Have to Say?

Joanna Coker, a sex expert said that although an orgasm is important, one could still enjoy making love to the partner even without reaching orgasm. She further adds that every time you have sex, try not to think too much about the big “O” as it will only lead to worsening the situation.

Some Helpful Tips to Enjoy a Satisfied Sexual Relationship

Coker said that reaching an orgasm depends on a couple of factors. Avoid excess alcohol consumption, as it could affect your ability to reach orgasm. Make some healthy lifestyle choices and indulge in some kind of physical activities to keep yourself healthy.

Misunderstandings and/or conflicts can adversely affect the sexual life. It is better that you try to resolve the issues before indulging in sexual intercourse. You will feel relaxed after talking to your partner. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the lovemaking session thereafter.

If you feel, you suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, seek your doctor’s opinion and take the treatment accordingly.

Patience is the key. Be patient, as sexual frustration can break even the healthiest relationship. However, keep in mind that if you fail to satisfy your partner, he or she can bid you good-bye.

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