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Romantic Cliches That Actually Work

There are many well-known ways to be romantic and they’re often seen as unimaginative and somewhat corny. However, these things haven’t become love scenario staples because they don’t work. In fact quite the opposite. Here’s a guide to some of the most obvious romantic things you can do that are actually pretty cool.

Watch A Sunrise

Maybe one of the most clich├ęd romantic endeavours available. However, it’s awesome and life affirming, which is why sharing it with someone is so good. There is of course the small matter of having to spend a whole night awake with your loved one in the run up to partaking in this activity… can you think of anything that will fill those hours?

Go On A Picnic

Alright this takes a bit of planning and preparation, but it’s always a good thing to do. Most important is picking the right spot and being ready to cope with inclement weather. When it comes to food and drink, just be sure to include champagne, or at the very least, fizzy wine… everything else should run smoothly from that point!

Buy Flowers

Girls that say they don’t like being bought flowers are either severe allergy sufferers or liars. It’s the one thing that will always bring a smile. If you’re feeling flashy actually buy flowers you know she loves or the whole 12 red roses thing. Otherwise just head into a florists and ask them to make something up that suits your budget… it’ll impress her and it’ll impress her pals, which should never be underestimated.

Wish On A Shooting Star

Slightly awkward to pull this off, but if the ‘stars align’ then go for it. There are actually far more meteor showers than you might think, and these create the shooting stars of Hollywood lore. If you can find out when one is happening and the night is cloud free, get a blanket and a duvet and lie out looking at the sky… even if you don’t see one it’s still pretty fun, and there is always the option of huddling together to keep warm.

Write A Song

You will need some musical talent to pull this off, but arguably not that much. Strum a few chords repeat and pop some words over the top. Ideally make it fun rather than too heartfelt. Otherwise you might not be able to avoid the corn-factor. Of course if you don’t play an instrument you could just write a poem, however this is intrinsically less cool… Just be confident and imagine you’re a rock star admired by millions – she’ll love it!

Weekend Away

It’s a classic, in fact they’re called romantic breaks by many travel companies. And do you know what, that’s exactly what they are. Pack her bag and whisk her away. Ideally pick somewhere she’s been dying to go to for a while and that doesn’t involve a tour of a football stadium and you should be all good… plus if it’s likely to go down well, prefix the jaunt with the word ‘dirty’.

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