Romantic Proposal Ideas

Planning a proposal that isn’t completely traditional can be hard. How do you know if you’re going to get it right? Is there such thing as TOO cheesy? It’s a fine balance and of course the biggest fear, will she say no? It’s a very personal experience that only you can plan but we have some fun ideas you could consider if you can’t make up your mind how to pop that big question. With Valentine’s Day just days away it could be the perfect time.


Spell it with Cake

Picture the scene. Romantic picnic, seating atop a stunning blanket enjoying a simple but enjoyable spot of lunch with your special someone. Once the sandwiches are all done it’s time for the cake and this is where the fun begins. Ordering specially made cupcakes, spelling out the big question is just so romantic any cake-loving girl will agree. Bring them out one by one or pass over the box and just see what she says.


Make like a Pirate

We don’t mean you should get your eye patch and parrot out. We’re talking about treasure hunting. Plan a fun little hunt for your partner on Valentine’s Day. Along the way she can pick up clues, find hints and even little gifts to get her excited. The final clue could lead to you traditionally on one knee or even simply the ring with the question spelled out beside it. Such excitement and fun is bound to result in a yes!

3170953039_282e2d0e98Another wonderful way of making the most out of a treasure hunt is directing your loved one to special places which have significance in your relationship. Maybe that means a trip back to school or even stopping by the chippy where you grabbed your first kiss. You can make it as personal and romantic as you like!

Say it with Flowers

3217288944_18e6f2d10dThis is a great way of tricking your lucky girl. Make like you’re presenting the traditional bunch of Valentine’s Day flowers but leave your special note hidden amongst the leaves. Maybe she’ll find it maybe she won’t. Further enhance your gift with a simple but effective vase and as the flowers are arranged, if she still hasn’t cottoned on, feign surprise as the card with the question flutters out. Hand it to her and just see what she says.

FlashMob it

5048087401_5c406cfcaeFor the really extravagant and exceptionally organised of you out there you could consider setting up a whole production around the big question. Organise a flashmob with your mates or bring in local businesses and performers to get in on the act. A simple search on YouTube will show you a ton of seriously romantic and heart-melting proposals done in this way.

5445443730_bfc67a0261Your proposal is all about you and that special someone. We hope our ideas gives you some inspiration for when it’s time for you to ask. If you choose to use Valentine’s Day to pop the question then we wish you good luck and hope you get the answer you’re looking for!

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