Should Men Really Be Wearing Skinny Jeans?

1Everywhere you go you’ll see skinny jeans and men wearing them. The slim trousers are highly fashionable and almost every high street fashion retailer sells them. But of course when something becomes really popular, opposition rises against them.

There are just as large a number of people that aren’t so pleased with the skinny jeans trend that absolutely adore them.

Whilst a lot of guys and girls love the look of a man in tight trousers, there are plenty that don’t, for very different reasons. In the minds of these people, blokes should be banned from ever wearing skinny jeans, for fashion reasons, health reasons and for reasons related to masculinity. Let’s take a look at their arguments in more detail though.

The first reason – fashion – is mostly a subjective debate. There are many that view skinny jeans on men as a genuine crime against fashion and that the mass adoption of this particular style of jean just isn’t right. Jeans should be baggy and loose fitting, or sharp and straight, but never figure hugging. This view mostly stems from an opinion that the tighter fit only suits women because of their curvier figures, but looks totally wrong on men because they either have legs like spindly pins or stubby football player’s legs. It’s just not very masculine in the view of this group.

Jealousy Can Be An Ugly Thing

There are strong suspicions that part of their objection to them is because they cannot wear skinny jeans themselves. As much as they’ve become a crucial part of contemporary fashion styles, from the underground up, skinny fitting trousers are exclusive – which also helps fuel their popularity. Not just everybody can wear them, and perhaps certain men’s bitter rejection of them is because they couldn’t join the club. The guys that don’t wear skinny jeans also like to boast that their junk is so big it won’t fit in them, but we all know men like to toot their own horn and exaggerate when it comes to their downstairs.

2There have been some genuine health concerns for men that wear skinny jeans from the medical community though. Men who wear the slim fitting pants have been surveyed and some of the responses have suggested that there have been side effects such as testicular torsion, bladder weakness and low sperm counts. Although news like this serves as great ammunition for the anti-skinny jean brigade, there have been no great calls from the health industry for men to throw away their skinnies and replace them with baggier fitting pants. The survey that produced these concerning results probably sampled men that weren’t wearing the right size jeans. If trousers really are crushing your balls, even for the sake of fashion, surely you’d stop wearing them right away. Nothing is more precious to a man than his testicles.

Fighting Back Against Skinny Jeans Prejudice

The final opposition to skinny jeans is perhaps the most troubling of all – mostly because it lies in ignorance and prejudice. Some object to men’s skinny jeans because of homophobia. Because the skinny jeans is seen as more feminine in comparison to looser fitted jeans, and often because skinny jeans are associated with fashion styles where men might dress alternatively, there is an assumption that only gay men wear them. In some Islamic countries, young men have been the victims of hate crimes motivated by intolerance of their chosen fashion style. But even in the enlightened West many have voiced their disapproval of the skinny jeans trend via homophobic slurs, which invalidates any real criticism of them. Due to the rise of metrosexual men in contemporary culture as well, it should no longer be such a big deal when it guys make an effort to be fashionable.

So should men be wearing skinny jeans? It’s a personal choice, but there the argument against the trend has little going for it, despite a few concerns about health problems. Men can look as fashionable as women do and take pride in their appearance, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So skinny jean haters, juts live and let live, because they’re probably here to stay.

Kelly Adams is a fashion and popular culture blogger who loves a man in skinny jeans.

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