Spice Up Your Shave With Famous Facial Hair Recreations

Shaving your face smooth day after day is boring and uninteresting. However, with recent trends like Movember and Mustache March, facial hair is no longer taboo, and guys can have fun shaving once more. If you are gearing up for Mustache March or Movember, or simply want to make your shaving routine more interesting, try shaving your facial hair into one of these iconic styles.

“The Monty” from Rescue Rangers

Rescue Rangers was a Disney television cartoon that ran from 1989 to 1990. In the show, there was a character called Monty, who sported an impressive mustache. To achieve the Monty, grow your mustache as long and full as possible. Shave the rest of your face smooth. Taper the ends of the mustache so the area under the nose is the fullest part of the mustache and the two ends of the mustache taper to a gentle point.

“The Mario” from Super Mario Brothers

Everyone loves Mario, so why not steal his famous mustache? Grow a full mustache about 2 inches long. Taper the ends so they stick out in gentle points. Curl the edges of the mustache up to achieve the “mustache smile” that Mario has.

“The Snidely Whiplash” from Rocky and Bullwinkle

In the past, most facial hair was worn by evil characters. In Rocky and Bullwinkle from the 1960s cartoon, Snidely Whiplash was no different. His mustache is the classic thin, curled mustache. Shave your face clean. Shave all of the upper lip except for two small patches on either side of the lip indentation. Grow the patches out as long as possible. Use hair wax to twist the two sides of the mustache into points and curl the ends for extra impact.

“The Teddy Roosevelt”

This famous president was known for his blunt personality and epic facial hair. Rocking the Teddy is an easy style. Grow out a full mustache about 2 inches in length. Allow the sides of the mustache to grow around the corners of the mouth, creating a kind of frame for the mouth. Trim the mustache shorter in the center of your upper lip for extra definition.

“The Chuck Norris”

Chuck Norris is the ultimate cool guy, and his facial hair is equally cool. The classic Chuck Norris consists of a full beard and mustache combo. Allow the beard and mustache to meld into one seamless carpet for your face. Trim all to about the same length of one inch.

“The Tom Selleck”

Another classic cool ‘stache is made famous by Tom Selleck. Tom kept most of his face clean-shaven, which allowed his mustache to pop. Allow your mustache to grow naturally, but keep the sides trimmed so the entire ‘stache stays above your upper lip. Keep the rest of the face hair-free.

If these character styles don’t make shaving more fun, then you’re doing it wrong. Try as many of these styles as you can to mix it up and find a style that works well with your facial structure and hair growth pattern.

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