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Top 4 Don’ts When Wearing Leather Jackets For Men

It is so easy to look like a fashion klutz when it comes to leather jackets. You need a certain amount of swag, perhaps, the right kind of body build, in order to look good in leather jacket. Here are the top Don’ts you need to remember if you are planning on wearing leather anytime soon. Continue reading Top 4 Don’ts When Wearing Leather Jackets For Men


Choosing a Watch Strap

The strap you use on your watch is one of those things that can really define how well the watch looks. Just like a beautiful bespoke suit with a pair of ugly shoes, having a bad watch strap on a beautiful watch really takes away from it and can leave the watch looking very unimpressive. This really can be a shame and you would be surprised at the number of people who end up with a watch that looks lacklustre, all because of the watch strap. Continue reading Choosing a Watch Strap


Amazing Things for Men to Do in London

It’s all very well when men and their partners hit London for a weekend but there comes a time when men deserve a little me time. Here are a few fabulous ideas for men, when they deserve some city treats.

Relax, Take It Easy

Spa days traditionally are aimed at women. There is no avoiding that fact but there is a shift now in the Spa industry and men are now being catered for in a much more masculine manner. The good parts are still there i.e. the fluffy robes and the calming Zen music but the treatments available to men are aimed at their skin type and needs. Continue reading Amazing Things for Men to Do in London

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Why Men Can Never Go Wrong With Jewellery

I’m sure all men are familiar with the scenario? You’re backed into a corner by the overly keen sales assistant in the jewellery shop; they are trying to persuade you that the piece you’re holding is the one you must get. But all you can think of is the price for something that has no practical use. Well unfortunately things aren’t going to change anytime soon because jewellery is the go to gift for any self-respecting boyfriend/husband etc. Continue reading Why Men Can Never Go Wrong With Jewellery