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How To Have The Most Awesome Day Once In A While

4334266067_0ed896a1a1For most of us, life can be a little boring day-to-day. The problem is that we often have a set routine that we go through on a daily basis, and find ourselves repeating the same things on a regular basis. It’s pretty easy for everything to all blur into one and this can get you down pretty quickly. Continue reading How To Have The Most Awesome Day Once In A While

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4 Mistakes Guys Make With Women

Men have all sorts of strategies for picking up women; however, many times these tactics prove fruitless. Since women are so different from one another, it can be hard for a man to know the best way to attract positive attention. With that being said, studies have unveiled certain things men should avoid if they want to please the opposite sex. Continue reading 4 Mistakes Guys Make With Women


Want To Set The Mood For Love? Start Here!

Sometimes lovemaking just happens spontaneously, with no preparation. But more often than not, especially when you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, it takes a bit of nurturing. After all, real relationships take work, and lovemaking is part of that work.

Looking to jumpstart your love life? Want to help your significant other get in the mood for love? In the following blog post, I’ll discuss what I’ve learned through my own experiences…some tips on what you can do to set the tone for an evening of ecstasy. Continue reading Want To Set The Mood For Love? Start Here!


5 Once In A Lifetime Musts For Gentlemen Of Taste

The finer things in life are the most desirable things in life and for a man of wealth and taste there’s nothing better than having one of the classic must haves for men.

Even in a world filled with iPads and technological wonderment, there are some steadfast things that have stayed at the fore of desirability for gents through the ages. So, let’s take a look at the 5 once in a life time buys for men. Continue reading 5 Once In A Lifetime Musts For Gentlemen Of Taste

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All About Bachelor Parties

The bachelor party is a celebration that the majority of men look forward to. The groomsmen, in particular, are known to be in charge to orchestrate the activities.

In pop culture, bachelor parties are mostly known for being a night of shared debauchery amongst friends, so as to celebrate the last moments before the groom begins life as a husband. In turn, this usually is a ritualistic gathering, strengthening the bond between friends during a time of transition. Continue reading All About Bachelor Parties

5 Signs That Prove You Are Married

For all you happily married people out there, do you, every now and then, get struck by the realization that after marriage, so many things about yourself seem to have changed? So much, that probably if you were to bump into yourself, you might fail to recognize yourself. Most of these changes tend to be regarding physical appearance, lifestyle and behavior and if things go well, most of the times they happen to be pleasant changes. These changes might sound amusing, but they are there. Let’s have a look at a few. Continue reading 5 Signs That Prove You Are Married