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Cool But Safe First Date Ideas

You have a date planned and you’re excited. Whether it’s a blind date that your friends set up or you think you finally found that special person, first dates are filled with possibilities. Of course, they can also be dangerous if the person has different ideas than you. While you are thrilled about the date, you also want to be safe. Here are some safe first date ideas that you can consider for the next time you meet someone new. Continue reading Cool But Safe First Date Ideas


Amazing Things for Men to Do in London

It’s all very well when men and their partners hit London for a weekend but there comes a time when men deserve a little me time. Here are a few fabulous ideas for men, when they deserve some city treats.

Relax, Take It Easy

Spa days traditionally are aimed at women. There is no avoiding that fact but there is a shift now in the Spa industry and men are now being catered for in a much more masculine manner. The good parts are still there i.e. the fluffy robes and the calming Zen music but the treatments available to men are aimed at their skin type and needs. Continue reading Amazing Things for Men to Do in London