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An Ideal Dating Guide

If you’ve been striking out in regards to the dating scene for a while and aren’t quite sure why, then you’re far from alone. The chances are excellent you’re making common mistakes that are actually pretty common! Are you talking about past relationships over dinner instead or art, music, or your plans for the future? Do you take most of your dates out to bars instead of investing in something more impressive, like sporting events tickets or concert tickets? Are you looking for love in all the right places instead of the wrong ones? Continue reading An Ideal Dating Guide


How to Get Your Girlfriend In The Mood For Cooking

There is nothing better than having the girl of your dreams preparing your favourite meal for you. The problem is that unless she is a real lover of cooking this might not happen too often. In order to get those sweet smells drifting from the kitchen a little more regularly, here are a few tips on how to get things cooking! Continue reading How to Get Your Girlfriend In The Mood For Cooking


Romance is an Art That Reaches for Your Soul

Romance is Different From Flirting

People often equate romancing with flirting. However, there are lots of differences between them both. Romancing is something you do when you are in love with someone. Flirting is something you do just for fun when you see someone from the opposite sex. Romance is the stepping stone for a long-term, healthy relationship so that all the expenditures you make as a part of it are more like an investment for your life. But flirting is merely for a short-term fling where all the money you spend is going to be a complete waste. Romance is intended to touch the soul whereas flirting does nothing to your soul or heart. Continue reading Romance is an Art That Reaches for Your Soul


Five Sexy Ways to Jazz up Your Love Life

Whatever way you wrap it up, sex and a long-term relationship don’t often go as hand-in-hand as we may have wished for. Often our busy lives and career commitments stand in the way of romance and intimacy and before too long it’s difficult to rekindle a fire that once burned brightly.

There’s no reason to feel disheartened if your love life isn’t going quite according to plan because with a bit of effort and making time for each other, you can quickly kick-start your passion with all the virility and energy of a couple of newlyweds. Continue reading Five Sexy Ways to Jazz up Your Love Life

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How to Buy Fashionable Gifts for Women: A Man’s Guide

Buying fashion gifts for a woman can be difficult for men to get right.
Wow, there is an understatement if ever there was one!Is buying fashion gifts really that difficult, or do men make it harder than it truly needs to be? As a starting point, we put together these quick rules to help men buy tasteful, fashionable gifts for women. Continue reading How to Buy Fashionable Gifts for Women: A Man’s Guide


Unusual Ways To Propose

When a relationship comes to the point where both involved are ready for marriage, the task for the male is to come up with a proposal. The traditional way would be to go out to the finest restaurant in town and to get down on one knee beside the table, after the main course and before the dessert, and to produce a fine diamond ring. This approach is still very popular of course and a very romantic approach to the proposal but more and more people are thinking outside of the box and proposing in more extravagant ways. Continue reading Unusual Ways To Propose

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When Should You Delete Your Online Dating Profile?

Picture this: you’ve been online dating for a while and you’ve finally met someone extra special. You’re pretty certain that you don’t want to date anyone else, but you’re unsure of what to do with your online dating profile. You’ve put a lot of work into your profile, and what if things don’t work out with the person you’re seeing? Should you really delete it? Well, maybe… or maybe not. Continue reading When Should You Delete Your Online Dating Profile?