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Top Popular Date Ideas And Why They Work

If you’re planning on taking someone on a date then there are hundreds of things you can choose as activities to provide the backdrop and to ensure that you both have a good time. And for many, part of the fun is in choosing an activity that will be unique and that will demonstrate imagination and creativity on their part.

heart-209178_640But then again, there is a reason that some activities are more popular than others for dates, and if you want to do everything you can to ensure that things go smoothly, then there’s a lot to be said for going with the tried and tested options. Continue reading Top Popular Date Ideas And Why They Work

Romantic Proposal Ideas

Planning a proposal that isn’t completely traditional can be hard. How do you know if you’re going to get it right? Is there such thing as TOO cheesy? It’s a fine balance and of course the biggest fear, will she say no? It’s a very personal experience that only you can plan but we have some fun ideas you could consider if you can’t make up your mind how to pop that big question. With Valentine’s Day just days away it could be the perfect time.

4462270660_e3bb9cbbe0 Continue reading Romantic Proposal Ideas

Need A Date For Valentine’s Day? 5 Helpful Hints

Valentine’s Day can make single people realize that they don’t want to be alone, so many single people try to snag a date for Valentine’s Day. Maybe they don’t feel like spending the night watching movies and eating ice cream alone, maybe all their friends have significant others to spend the day with, or maybe they feel like it’s the right time to get out there and try to meet the right person.

4671325973_b488fd27b2No matter what your reason is, if you’re looking to find a date for Valentine’s Day, the following five tips will help. Continue reading Need A Date For Valentine’s Day? 5 Helpful Hints

What You Need To Think About If You Want To Pop The Question!

1?If you and your girlfriend have been getting on well and you are happy together, then sooner or later your mind will naturally turn to popping the big question! Asking your girlfriend to marry you is a big step, but it is also potentially a very exciting one. If you are thinking about proposing but you’re not quite sure how to do it then don’t worry – we understand how nervous you must be. In order to help you make your plans, read our handy article which will help you plan all the finer details of your proposal. Here’s our guide to proposing: Continue reading What You Need To Think About If You Want To Pop The Question!

How To Know If You And Your Partner Are Really Ready To Get Engaged

Getting engaged is a serious commitment that should never be taken lightly. Although celebrities who are in the spotlight seem to get engaged only to end their engagement before their marriage even begins, or get a divorce a mere couple of months after having their wedding, in reality, marriage should be taken a lot more seriously.

But how do you and your partner really know if you are both ready to get engaged? Although it may certainly be a challenge to figure out if you are really ready to take the next step in your relationship and commit to one another for the rest of your lives, continue reading to gain access to some tips that will help guide your decision in the right direction.
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Necessities For An Everlasting Love

1When we decide that we want to settle down with somebody, it is because we love that person and believe we are loved back. We expect that love to last forever and to be with our partner for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately this is not always the case, and seeing a marriage councilor is becoming a more frequent appointment made by couples. The majority of problems in a relationships can be averted by doing simple things that we are all able to do, and I have pointed out a few of them below. These pointers re not purely for people whose relationship is souring, they are for everybody from the day they meet Continue reading Necessities For An Everlasting Love


Line Up For Some Long Distance Love – Top Tips For Spending Time Apart

64497Maintaining a long distance relationship is never easy, whether you are students attending university or young professionals working in different cities. However, keeping the relationship alive and exciting is possible with a few handy tips.

Take a Shot

One of the most important things to do is to mark the parameters of the relationship. Deciding whether you are exclusive early on will prevent any misunderstandings in the months to come and ensure that neither of you are in for any heartache. Continue reading Line Up For Some Long Distance Love – Top Tips For Spending Time Apart


5 Ways To Impress On A First Date

First impressions are everything. A first date is your best shot to get in a girl’s good books. A lot of dating and advice gurus will give you a set of rules, time frames and spending limits that promise to have the object of your affection eating out of your hand. Continue reading 5 Ways To Impress On A First Date

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4 Mistakes Guys Make With Women

Men have all sorts of strategies for picking up women; however, many times these tactics prove fruitless. Since women are so different from one another, it can be hard for a man to know the best way to attract positive attention. With that being said, studies have unveiled certain things men should avoid if they want to please the opposite sex. Continue reading 4 Mistakes Guys Make With Women


The Psychology and Physiology Behind Disappointment

Scientists have only begun looking into the psychology of disappointment, but already there is a definite link between physiological occurrences in the body and what happens in the brain when people experience the negative emotion of disappointment. Continue reading The Psychology and Physiology Behind Disappointment