The Differences Between the Way Men and Women Think on Valentine’s Day

Whether men care as much as women do about Valentine’s Day has been the subject of debate for generations. In this infographic, a typical scenario on Valentine’s day is explored, showing the expectations of the woman to be much higher than those of the man.

These differing views of this romantic day are typical, although we must not forget of course that not every man buys wilted flowers from the garage, like the man depicted in this scenario. Fortunately, there are plenty of men out there that don’t neglect their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, showering them with jewellery, chocolates, romantic holidays, champagne and more. Indeed there are also plenty of women with no sense of romance. For those who do want to spoil their other halves this Valentine’s day, remember that a last minute gift always shows, and it’s well worth the effort and thought if you get something special arranged early.

Linda Firth creates infographics on behalf of, based on her research and observations of shopping habits at various times during the year.

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