The Most Common Warning Signs Of Cheating

There are no strict and definitive clues that can tell if your spouse or partner is cheating. However, noticing several of the common signs happening at the same time should be enough to stir your curiosity and make you become a little cautious. Although it is not healthy to doubt your partner, it will help for you to be on your toes if your guts tell you that something wrong is up.

If your instinct tells you that your partner might be seeing another, you might want to look into other possible signs. See if your husband or wife is showing some of these following signs.

They’re Starting to Dress Up – Better Than Usual

If your partner dresses up better when they are scheduled to go out with you, then that’s something you should appreciate. However, if there is a sudden change in styling and hygiene, even without an occasion to dress up for in the first place, you get the right to be wary. If the change doesn’t happen along with an effort to be with you or please you, then he or she might be doing it for someone else. You can also watch out for a change in perfume or cologne. If they have been using the same scent for years and suddenly puts on another without saying anything about it, it must mean something that you don’t want happening.

Always on the Guard of His or Her Phone and Social Media Accounts

If your partner suddenly won’t let you touch their phone, turn it off or put it on silent mode when you’re together, or take it wherever he goes, then it could be that they are hiding something. Same goes with their social media accounts. If they won’t let you know of their new password, and the reason why they changed it, you can start putting the radar up and running.

Catching Secret Phone Conversations

You can imagine it: you walk into a room where your husband or wife is, and they suddenly drop the call, telling you it’s work-related. This one’s a sure classic that you shouldn’t miss or let pass.

He or She Starts Picking a Fight About Every Little Thing

If they begin arguing with you for no reasonable reason at all and blaming you for just about anything, they could be subconsciously covering something up. Furthermore, these fights will give them the excuse to stay away from you for quite some time, getting the chance to spend more time with the other man or woman.

Friends Acting Weird

If you have common friends and they suddenly act weird around you, then they might know something that you don’t know. Whether they’re loyal to your partner enough to cover them up or they love you that much they don’t want to hurt you, the bottom line is, they must be hiding something really fishy.

He or She Starts Accusing YOU of Sheating

This is probably the worst and most painful signal that your partner is cheating. If they begin accusing you of cheating when you are not actually doing it, it must be their guilty conscience speaking. Cheaters are often too sensitive and defensive and this can manifest through accusations and making hurtful remarks about you.

Savannah Ellis is a relationship therapist from Las Vegas. She does affair recovery coaching and sharing an advice for cheaters and their partners.

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