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Three Easy Ways To Become More Attractive To Women

Being attractive for women is not that difficult, but it does take daily upkeep and practice. It is a proven fact; both men and women judge male attractiveness based on personality. However to get women to look at the personality and the real you, you need to make yourself more appealing to women.


Keep your hair, body and clothing clean and presentable. You will be a more attractive man and improve your confidence if you are free of stains, smells, and hair disasters. Try getting regular haircuts. Keep beards and mustaches or goatees trimmed.

Definitely brush your teeth at least three times every day. If you need to, use a teeth whitening system to brighten up your smile. Please use antiperspirant daily. Nothing is worse than a wet, smelly man. Use very mild colognes that stay pleasant throughout the day. Remember that aftershave is not a marinade.

Men often have problems with acne, so make sure you keep your face clean and wash several times a day. There are some special treatments that will hide and heal blemishes; use them.

Body Health

Eat a healthy and low fat diet plus exercise on a regular basis. This will improve your physique and your mood. Physic and mood work together to help you become more attractive. Do limit fat and sugar intake and salt. Exercise at least thirty minutes a day.

If you are concerned that your weight makes you less attractive, talk to your doctor or a personal trainer for help in establishing an effective diet and exercising plan. Don’t fall for fad diets; they only work for a week or so. Try not overworking your body with either diet or exercise. Be smart.


Just like the tips and tricks women use, men can use them too. Accentuate your best features. Look at yourself in the mirror and find your best feature. If you are attractive naturally keep your face clean shaven so women will notice your awesome looks. If you have great eyes, use contacts. If you have a great body, wear clothing that flatters your assets.

Ask the best friend or a close woman friend what is most attractive about you. Ask them to be candid. Listen and make changes if you need. Be charming and have a good sense of humor to bring out attractiveness.

Experiment with different clothing styles to find the one that fits your personality. However you decide to dress do be neat. Wearing mismatch or worn-out clothes can run any attractive feature you have. Invest in new clothes if you need to and make sure they fit you well. Keep them clean and looking nice when you go out with the ladies. Clothes really do make the man. Dress attractive and you will get second looks.

As long as you are dressing well, looking great, and keeping up on the hygiene follow with manners. If your sex appeal is great but you are rude and obnoxious or sarcastic and stuck-up forget finding any women to look twice at you. Don’t make unwanted sexual advances and heaven forbid get rid of the body noises.

At first look if you think a guy is not attractive but there is something about him, then talk to him. You may find that his unattractiveness is only skin deep and there is a great personality hiding under that gruff exterior. Look closer, you may see that he has great eyes, or a wonderful smile. Maybe there is just something that makes you feel good. Go ahead and explore.

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