Tips on Choosing the Right Gift to Give

We have all heard that in gift giving it is the thought that counts. So why not put that thought to good use helping you choose the right gift. After all even if it is the thought that counts you still want the recipient to get a lot of use out of their gift not just appreciate that you got them one. Below are tips on how to choose the right gift no matter what the occasion and who your recipient is.

Try to Make it Personal

People appreciate receiving gifts that are personal and hold meaning behind them. In fact, some of the best gifts are the ones where it is apparent that the person who bought the gift really thought about their purchase beforehand. When you think back on the gifts that you remember the ones that touched your heart are most likely the ones that were personal and heartfelt.

Give an Appropriate Gift

However, if you do not know the person who you are buying the gift for very well then you should refrain from buying a gift that is too personal. For example, do not buy perfume or lingerie for your neighbor unless you are very close friends. It can be disquieting to receive a personal gift from somebody who you only consider a passing acquaintance.

Think About Their Hobbies and Interests

Almost everyone has a particular hobby or interest that they enjoy. If you know that the person you are buying a gift for enjoys playing music, watching movies, fashion, playing video games, reading, or gardening then it is a good idea to choose gifts that correlate directly with their interests. Not only will they appreciate the gift, but they will truly find it useful.

Ask Them What They Would Like

Some people are just difficult to shop for. Maybe they already seem to have everything they want, or perhaps their tastes are too expensive for your budget. If you really have no clue on what you should buy for someone do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask them. Asking a person what they want as a gift does not mean that you need to literally ask them to list out the name and brand of the item they would like to receive. Instead you can nonchalantly ask them what items they have seen in the stores recently that interest them. Or you could just ask them what they like in general. One simple conversation can easily leave you with more than a few ideas on what to buy someone as a gift.

Include a Note

Once you have bought a gift do not forget to include a card or handwritten note for its recipient. This can make even the most impersonal gift card a more memorable one that will stick in the recipients mind. Include a touching anecdote or story that reminds you of the recipient and write it out by hand.

Include a Gift Receipt

In addition to a handwritten personal note do not forget to include a receipt. Sometimes even with the best of intentions we may end up choosing the wrong gift. The recipient might already have the gift that you chose or maybe it is not their style. While no well-mannered gift recipient would tell you they dislike your gift, you always want to make sure that they not only appreciate the gift you bought them but find it useful as well. Include a gift receipt and you will always insure that the gift will be one they love.

Buying the perfect gift is not as difficult as it might seem. Most people will just be happy that you thought of them, but by following the tips above you can also make sure that they are equally as happy with the actual gift.

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