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Top Five Tips For Maintaining Sexual Health On Holiday

A happy holiday is one where the good memories prevail long after you’ve stepped off the plane or left the hotel. Fun on holiday comprises different things for different people. It might be the sun, the city tours and the beaches or it could be the opportunity to party without work routines or day to day worries.

Having fun with new partners can be exciting and holiday romances figure high on many people’s vacation agendas. But it’s worth giving some thought to the risks involved in embarking upon a sexual relationship while on holiday. Here we look at some tips for protecting yourself against the cons of conversing on a sexual level.

  1. It may not have been your plan to get involved with someone while relaxing on holiday but when you do meet someone where the relationship has clicked then be prepared with contraceptives. If you’re in a foreign country then a few key phrases relating to the question of where to purchase condoms could be the difference between happy memories and memories that cause you to shudder – or worse.
  2. And when in a situation where the moonlight over distant shores has created the right mood for moving in on someone you find attractive then make sure you have the lingo to take control of the situation. How to say: ‘Do you have protection?’ or ‘no condom, no sex’ are some key sentences to include in any phrase book.
  3. If you are going away with the intention of hooking up with fellow single or fun-seeking travellers then why not pack for the occasion – throw in the condoms at home when you throw in your bikini or shorts.
  4. It is also important to make sure you hold on to your principles when you throw caution to the wind. It is so easy to get persuaded by the romance of a beautiful holiday destination. The sun of a foreign country, the moonlight over the Riviera, the delectable food and a candle on the table can all be conducive to swaying your emotions. That Spanish waiter or boy from Brazil look all that bit more attractive than the boy next door at home. But it is vital that you remind yourself of your principles – never get persuaded to take steps further than you would on an ordinary date at home or, more importantly, further than you are comfortable with.
  5. Most important is to remember that sexual disease can affect anyone – no matter what their sexual persuasion or their age. So don’t think you’re too old to be affected or that it is only a certain demographic that should be mindful of using protection. And, if in doubt, when you get home. Get a medical check through your local GP.

There are many different diseases and illness you can contract on holiday. Beware of food poisoning such as salmonella, cryptosporidium and campylobacter.

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