Top Popular Date Ideas And Why They Work

If you’re planning on taking someone on a date then there are hundreds of things you can choose as activities to provide the backdrop and to ensure that you both have a good time. And for many, part of the fun is in choosing an activity that will be unique and that will demonstrate imagination and creativity on their part.

heart-209178_640But then again, there is a reason that some activities are more popular than others for dates, and if you want to do everything you can to ensure that things go smoothly, then there’s a lot to be said for going with the tried and tested options.

Here are a list of some of those popular date options that come up time and again, as well as a little on why each of them are such popular choices…


Dinner is perhaps the most popular date option of all, and the obvious reason for this is that food is romantic. Eating involves all the senses and stimulates pleasure centres in the brain creating an immediately more intimate experience. Combine that with candle light which makes you both look your best, low mood-music to further set the scene, and a chance to talk uninterrupted without feeling awkward and you have a winner. Dinner is also popular because it gives you the option to add alcohol to the mix which can be the ideal social lubricant if you’re feeling nervous and conversation is stilted.


Of course if you’re in a rush, or you don’t want to spend as much money, then you can always skip right to drinks. This is particularly popular with professionals who want to meet after work and maybe don’t have time for much more than a quick drink. It’s also a great option if you’re going on a blind/internet date, as it means that you don’t have to come up with an excuse if things aren’t going well.

Ice Skating

Ice skating has long been a popular activity on dates as it is physical without being competitive. At the same time, if one of you is better than the other then that gives you an excuse to hang onto each-other. If you’re both pros? Then one of you can always pretend.


Films are another popular choice on dates, but only really work well if you go for drinks or food afterwards. This way you can spend time in each other’s company without having to come up with conversation, and then once the film is over you’ll have something to talk about to avoid any awkward silences. Alternatively go to the film after drinks, and if the drinks have gone well then the relative privacy at the back of a cinema gives you the perfect cover to make out without worrying about gross public displays of affection. Pick the back row if the drinks went well, front if they went badly.

For extra credit take your date to a scary film. That once again gives you an excuse to huddle.

The author of this post, Jamie Richards, works at Milford Ice Pavilion, ice skating in Connecticut. He keeps himself busy during the weekends by taking up restoration work for his home.

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