Top Tips for Men to Look Stylish in Denim

This article looks at how men can continue looking great in denim, especially with modern fashion trends seeing the popularity of chinos and other styles continuing to grow.

The Denim Habit

Jeans have been a leading men’s wardrobe staple for many years, with other trouser types such as tailored and chinos being generally linked to unfashionable types and older men. In recent years, however, things have changed to the point where it is now not uncommon for denim wearers to be seen as being behind the times. This would have been unheard of ten years ago, however there are a number of top tips you can utilise in order to continue wearing denim stylishly.

Double Denim

Jeans and a denim jacket are acceptable, and can add an intriguing dimension to any style as long as you get it right. That means you do not buy a denim suit or jeans and a jacket that almost match. Instead, go for dark jeans and an old-looking, vintage style jacket to give yourself a great look.

Dark Denims

Although for many years the argument around wearing jeans with shoes has raged, it is now accepted that you can wear formal shoes as long as you are wearing darker denims. Not only does it look sleek and smart, it enables you to easily swap out formal trousers for a smart casual look for work, as well as build a more sophisticated outfit if you are heading to a stylish bar or club.

Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans have been fashionable for years, however it is time to forget about them. While denim loving men were tiring of skinny jeans anyway, the rising popularity of chinos has taken the wind completely out of the sails of skinny denim. Instead, go for looser, classic fits. Straight leg styles are excellent and will make any man look great.

Bootcut styles should only be worn by taller guys, as the cut of the denim on shorter men will make them rise up slightly and either shorten the leg or make the jeans look too small.

The Shirt Jacket

Wearing denim is not always all about the bottom half, and the so-called “shirt jacket” is a great way to wear denim in a relaxed manner. As the name gives away, it is a cross between a shirt and a jacket, being suitable to wear either as a top or base layer. These can even look good when worn with chinos, as they will avoid the double denim conundrum when we want the lighter denims up top. Try wearing as a jacket, open with a basic t-shirt such as a white with graphic print.

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